Blah ?

Like I was actually going to go to the principals office. I'd been there everyday of school this year so far, and lets not talk about last year. I walked down the hall to my locker so throw my stuff in there and grab my iPod.  I had just turned on Miss Bipolar by BloodOnTheDanceFloor when low in behold i was caught.

"Miss Taylors, your classes aren't done yet.  Do you have a meeting with me?" Mr. Jerkins called down the hallway.

"Yes sir I just thought I'd throw my stuff in my locker and grab a quick drink first, if that's okay." I replied, I was in there so often if I didn't go in it was a what the hell moment.  

I walked down to the office and let myself into Mr.Jerkins office and grabbed a coffee for me.

"Cookie?" I asked him holding up a chocolate chip cookie, he always had snacks and coffee and tea ready in his office.

"Uh," He said looking at his beer belly, "Well i guess one cookie wont hurt." 

I sat on the couch and put my feet up.

"What was it this time?"  He asked me.

"Being me in math class, sharing my thought on math." I said taking a sip of my double, double coffee, "I shared my dictionary term on math."

"Oh my, she most of loved that." He said putting the last of the cookie in his mouth.


Thats how these meeting always went.  I ate a cookie or bun, drank coffee and listened to my iPod. When the bell rang signalling class was over i got up and went to my next class.

"Kayla!" Yelled a huskey voice, "I heard about math class you idiot, don't you ever learn to shut yer loud mouth?" 

"No i guess not Alex." I said as Alex approached me.  He was 5'9 just a couple inches taller than me. He was scene, like me, and i loved him.  Wait, not like that he was my best friend and i loved him like a brother.  He wore black skinny jeans and ed hardy converse style shoes with a 'Dot.Dot.Curve :) ' shirt. His hair; jet black with blue tips sort of like josh ramsey from Marianas Trench only way better.  His eyes were dark brown, so dark they almost looked as black as his hair.  

"Well then Scene Queen, shut yer mouth and blast yer screamo and learn not to get kicked out of every class, badass." He replied yanking a head phone out of my ear.

"Oh yee so badass, right? Ugh lets go to art class." I said turning my music up so loud that you could hear it down the hallway if you tried.  

"So dank new song coming out." Jake said coming up beside me, "I think i may try to get Kirby to join in."

Jake and Alex had a band, P0nySl4ySt4ti0n.  It was a screamo band but i loved it.  Here and there they feature me in it but recently the people from famous screamo people were getting featured in it.  

"Jake, Your gonna bring me to yer house when Kirby's thar right?" I said grabbing his arm.

"Yee calm yer sh*ts gurl." He replied putting his arm around me. On thing about us scene kids, we talk funny.

"Nice outfit, kayla, by the way." Alex said as we walked into the art room.  I looked down at my ripped jeans and high tops.  I wore a bra band ( a strip of cloth that went over your bra as a undershirt) and a drop down BrokeNCYDE shirt.  

"Thanks man." I replied taking a seat at the back of the class. 

I hated talking, literally hated it.  I wish i could just stop talking put that never happened.  Art class was the only class i could stop talking and express myself freely.  I loved it almost as much as screamo music.

The End

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