I'm Not Afraid.

Can you see it? It's right there infront of you.  It means the same in every language and its the one thing that scares me.  Truth.  I'm part of the veritas project.  Verita is latin for truth.  Truth be told the truth is the only thing that scares me.  It haunts me day and night and I just cant seem to speak it.  Ask me a question and you won't get a straight up answer I dont even know when im lieing anymore.  I am a walking talking lie.  I make my lies come to life and i live them out till the next lie is required.  Everyday I question myself to see what i really know to see if anyone can really see through the lies I spill out.  I don't stop them. I can't.  They are the only thing I know.  What happens to the truth when your entire truth is made of lies? what then? I'll tell you.  You have nothing. Thats exact--

Snap. Ms. Nelson had interupted my writing again by whacking her huge ruler out in front of my pencil. 

"Miss Taylors would you like to tell me what you were so indulged in that was so much more important than my lesson?" She sneered at me.

"No. Not really." I said slowly pulling the sheet into my hands. 

"I don't think you have a choice, please share it with the class." She replied giving me one of her evil smirks i knew too well.  She proceeded to the front of the class as i stood up.  I sat in one of 31 desks at the back of the class.  I freakin hate my grade 9 math teaher Ms. Nelson she needs to learn when to bud out.  It was October and already we had a thing for hating each other, actually we hated each other since day one, typical of any smart teacher. The only ones that like me are my writing teacher and my art one even though i only get c's in their classes.  

I cleared my throat no way was i gonna read out a bunch of garbage that i had written out of boardem. 

"Mathematics: The abstract science of number, quantity and space. Mathematics maybe studies in its own  right ( Pure mathematics) or as applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering.  Often treated as plural; the mathematical aspects of something: the mathematics of general relativity." Trust me I'm not this smart the meaning was plastered at the front of the room and I could read it clearly. Ms.Nelson sat up thinking I was about to say something smart about her lesson, "Now my definition of math: A boring retarded class were unless you wanna be an accountant and do taxes for dumb people who hate math, like me, or be a mathi-whatcha-may-call-it that studies math and must have some kind of brain disorder if they actually enjoy it, IS COMPLETELY USELESS.  When will we ever need to know the circumference of a circle while shopping for milk at the grocery store?  It is a useless class taught by none other than the cat loving loner Ms.Nelson who must learn when to keep her freakishly large nose out of other peoples business and with all do respect, FACK OFF!" 

The entire class clapped and laughed but instantly stopped when Ms.Nelson cracked her ruler over a desk.  

"Miss Kayla Taylors.." She started.

"I know i know, yer stunned, amazed, impressed for me taking a stand for my independence... oh wait thats not what you were gonna say. " I interrupted her as i picked my pencil case up and left the math stuff on the desk, "Don't worry i know were to find the principals office is its the big jail cell in the middle of the school." 

And with that I left math class and that was my typical day at school.  


The End

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