I'm not afraidMature

Marshall, a New York detective, finds him and his two best friends in a supernatural adventure that tests the soul of even God himself. :) Read!

She clutched her teddy bear in her arms.

"Sally... you know I’m here..." The voice behind her kept getting closer.

Sally cried out, "Mommy! Daddy!" she turned a corner and found two figures lying motionless on the floor.

"Sally..." the voice was right behind her.

"No!" Said the terrified young five year old, "I don't believe in ghosts!"

She turned around to face a bloody, white skinned person with red eyes who looked exactly like her. It started to chuckle, "Well, at this point, you don't have a choice."

Sally clutched her teddy bear in front of her as a shield as the thing began to take its real shape; a young girl with the same blood, white skin, and red eyes, who seemed to have puncture wounds all over her body. The thing ripped her stuffed animal in half and dug its fingers into Sally's forehead. "It’s time for you to die." it said.

The End

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