"I'm Fine"

In this poem, it could relate to you. If you're heartbroken and you don't want people know, you say "I'm fine." Right?

It's been two long days since I've heard from him. My mind tells me to forget him, but this thing in my chest that beats harder and harder tells me to hold on. The question is how long could I wait? Whenever it shoots in my head, it makes me feel...weaker, I guess. Some people don't know I feel this way because whenever they ask me "How are you?" I keep on lying to them and myself saying "I'm fine." As I think about it, I'm telling the truth because what "fine" really stands for is freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional. Am I ready to move on or am I still stumbling about the way I still feel about him?

                                                                        -Natalye Victoria Diaz

                                                                               January 5, 2012 

The End

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