Fateful Dreams

Blah blah blah… these conversations were going over my head; the college’s grass was more interesting than these fools. Oh by the way these are my best friends I’m talking about, as you can tell I wasn’t in the best of moods that day. Nothing was interesting to me anymore then she walked over, I’m not going to say it was love at first sight but then I’d be a liar and mum always taught me not to tell lies.

 I thought to myself ‘play it smooth and hope for the best’, it’s about time things went my way. From what I could tell she was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt, which by my standards automatically put her on the awesome list.

 ‘Ah crap it’s lesson time I knew something would happen’, things like this always happen. I’ll probably never see her again; she probably wouldn’t have talked to me anyway.

 With that I headed to the main building. Dodging in and out of the fleshy traffic was fun, but still no one came close to her. Then from beside me came the angelic tones of the rock-chick blonde, she asked where I had got my Bullet for my Valentine t-shirt from. I told her, in the coolest fashion possible (excuse the pun), ‘you had to be at the concert to get it’.

We slowed down our pace, both eager to extend the fateful meeting. We chatted for what felt like forever, but then before my very eyes she was dragged away by what looked like her best friend. We shouted farewell’s to each other, and with that she was gone.

I didn’t even learn her name.

The End

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