I'm Dreaming, Aren't I?

Jenni's POV

“Well I’m planning on ditching you all as soon as we start here properly.” The last remaining male in the old group said.

“Same.” I sighed, and the pair I wanted rid of the most frowned at me.

“Him, I can understand. But you, Jen?” One snarled.

“Where are you going to make new friends? You couldn’t befriend a tree!” The second growled.

“Bye.” I stood up, and walked towards the main building.

A black flash caught the corner of my vision. I put the remainder of my lunch in the bin before turning to inspect who had just caught my eye.

About a quarter of a foot shorter than me, floppy black hair, and a Bullet For My Valentine t-shirt that I wanted to rip off his back and wear myself. I knew the undesirables were still watching me, I decided to approach the floppy haired boy. From a distance, and from behind, he looked reasonably friendly.

“Hi.” I said, quickly catching up with him and walking inline with him. “Nice top, where’d you get it?”

He did a double take, looking almost shocked that somebody had spoken to him – shocked that I had spoken to him.

“What? I got it from their concert; you had to be there to get it.” We both slowed down our walking, as if we both wanted to extend the conversation which was barely going anywhere to begin with. I went to itch my hip, pulling my jacket back in the process. He looked at my top and his strangely familiar green eyes drifted back up to my face. “I’ve seen them too. On the Danger Days tour.”

I looked down and realised I had my My Chemical Romance top on. “Oh cool. I’ve met Matt Tuck’s mother, so I guess we’re equal.” I shrugged. She was a nice lady, was Mrs Tuck. Oh the people you meet when you’re lost inWales with nothing but a new CD and an ipod.

“What? No way!” He sounded like an excitable puppy.

I smiled and started the story, just as we walked through the doors of the main building. We only got about half way down the packed corridor when a friend grabbed my arm, blocking the way of my new friend

“You have to come see this! You won’t believe what Emily’s done!” Diana yelled in a very Diana way.

“I’ll see you round.” I sighed to the boy as I got dragged away. The floppy haired boy smiled and nodded as he walked in the opposite direction.

“Who was that?” Diana grinned, still dragging me by the arm, even though we were out of the crowds.

“I don’t know, I didn’t get a chance to ask his name. Come on, what’s Emily done that may have just parted me from my destiny?”

The End

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