I'm Furious

I'm not just angry. The way I feel goes beyond mere anger. What I feel is a burning, hot and fierce inside my soul that will not burn out. An inextinguishable blaze that fills my whole being with pure, white-hot fury.

I will not let people get away with this any longer. I have had enough of being treated like a nothing, like I don't matter. They've poked and prodded me for too long. Now I'm going to fight back. I'm going to give them what they deserve. I'll make them pay for what they've done. It won't be me cowering on the floor, scared and weak as a newborn kitten. It will be them that screams this time. I will be the one they beg to stop, beg for forgiveness and implore to have mercy.

They've pushed me too far this time. This time they've pushed me too far.

Now I'm going to get them back.

The End

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