Death or Life

We could get killed for this. I had no idea
this is what she planned on doing. But I
have no choice I'm just a vessel.

She pushed her way through the crowd, they
looked and some pushed back but she just
kept on going. I started to get scared cause
I could feel the danger. The situation she had

brought us into was less than perfect.
All kinds were in the room. As I said before
they were on salary. But this was not a job interview, well, I guess not.

I had no idea what she is she knew thinking right now these religious types are not our crowd. They have almost everything they are the 

ones in power. At a whim they could kill.
us. And this girl has the nerve to risk this
just to impress this Jesus. Ok, I may be
wrong. But look I'm really not into dying

The End

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