I'm Broke

He was a hard man to find but she did find Him. But what now. The hate that see felt was so thick that she could almost taste it. This was her life. And she could risk it if she wanted.

My master pushed her way through the haters

they knew who she was what she had always

done. She didn't care then. But now. Well,

that's different.

She was hurt when people did hateful things 

but she came to a point where she cared 

about one somebody.

She saw Him across the room it was full of

eyes looking through her to her very

core. What was the use of denying it. She

was a hooker. But there were church hookers

in the room that were honored but they didn't

give there bodies away just there souls.

Because they had no one to run to their

minds were shut to going back to Jesus.

The End

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