I'm a Ghost, so bring me to life!Mature

Melissa is a Ghost and has been in love with Fernando Torres for a whole year of her Ghostly life. However, what she doesn't realise is that one kiss could change everything between them.

I'm dead.


     Yes, I know what a strange thing to say, but it's true. I'm dead.


     However, I'm not what you think I am, I'm not buried in a cemetery. I'm not lying in a coffin with my bones corroding underneath the darkness, the mud and the worms. Well, in a way I am because my skeleton is there, however, I'm not. You see, I'm a ghost.


     Yeah, I know what you're thinking Ghosts aren't real bla bla bla. But the truth is they are. Since I've died I've met a lot of Ghosts. Some rude, some kind and some well, creepy. However, this isn't a story of how Ghosts are real, this is a story of something much better than that. This is a story of how I fell in love. With him.


     Fernando Torres.


     Ok, I know what your thinking, I'm a Ghost, he's a human, how can I fall in love with him? Why aren't I with some other ghost? Well, the truth is, no one can see me, but him.


     He can see me, but to every single other human I'm just air, I'm not there.


     But he can see me, he can touch me, he can talk to me. But before we get to all that, you need to know how this all started...


     You see, I was murdered by a man I never knew, never found, he shot me and I still don't know who he is. Still don't know why he killed me and hopefully one day, I'll find out. One day. And so since that horrible night where I was shot I've been a Ghost for two years.


     The first year I just wandered around learning new abilities. I can pick up books and throw them across the room. I can stroke animals and they can see me, believe it or not, it must be their heightened senses! And not only that, I can go into people's dreams. Which is pretty cool, I've actually put a dream in Fernando's head now and again, just for fun. I make him dream about winning the Champions League, the Premiership, every cup going with Liverpool (I do that more than ever now since he plays for Chelsea, just trying to influence his decision to return to Anfield). And sometimes I put dreams in his head where he's shaved all his hair off and trust me when I say it's hilarious the following morning when he gets out of bed and looks in the mirror. Ok, I admit, he does love his hair and that is kind of mean, but hey, I get bored! I am a Ghost after all and have plenty of time on my hands.


     However, that's not all the dreams I put into his head. I sometimes make him dream of him kissing me, holding me, hugging me. Just anything, so that he'll notice me.


     But he doesn't notice me. Not ever. He just sees me as this weird Ghost that keeps haunting him. And how can you blame him? I mean, I do hang around his house. A lot. This all started in my second year as a Ghost we sort of bumped into each other down the streets of Liverpool. He apologised to me and I was just over the moon. He could see me, he could touch me. I couldn't believe it, because I'd felt so alone for so long! Not being able to talk to anyone, not being able to touch. I mean, of course there were other Ghosts but it just wasn't the same.


     So the moment he said sorry, I turned to him and said: "You can see me?" I was so shocked.
  "Well yeah." Fernando replied. "Why wouldn't I?" He asked.
  "Because I'm a Ghost." I replied.
  "No your not."
  "Yes I am." And the argument continued until I walked through a person and he looked at me in disbelief. "Oh my God, you are a Ghost!" And it was only then that he saw the people walking past him looking at him as if he's some mental head case!


     And for some reason I thought he'd run, thought that he'd scream, but he didn't.


     Instead, he said: "Hey, this might sound strange but I'm on my way home and you can come with if you want?" And that was the moment I fell in love with him. The fact he was able to see me and touch me was amazing enough. But the fact he wasn't afraid of me just made me so happy. The fact he'd invited me to his home was just brilliant. "Ok." I told him smiling and linked my arm with his, we went to his home, we talked and well, since then I sort of stayed there. I like to hang around his house and well, trust me when I say he has one Hell of a body! The amount of times I've seen him walking round in these little shorts, just shows how attractive he is!


     Anyway, back to the point. I've tried everything in my power to get Fernando to notice me properly for one reason and one reason only...


     When I died I felt as though something was missing and for a whole year I didn't know what it was. And the moment he walked into me I felt it...


     That shock of electricity and then all the memories started hurling at me and I remembered everything. Fernando and I had been together in our past lives, in every single one of our past lives. Before he was Fernando Torres, he was an English guy called Tom Johnson who played Rugby and I was just a young girl called Kara. We fell in love, we got married and grew old together. The time before that we weren't as fortunate. We were together, we spent the whole summer together, so happy, content. We knew then that we were made for each other, but he had to go and fight in the World War and he died and my past self never saw him again. And this time, well, I died before meeting him. But something's changed, I'm a Ghost, I've never been a Ghost before according to my memories, but here I am.


     Your probably wondering why I don't tell Fernando the truth, tell him that were soul mates, destined to be together and all that crap. But come on I'm a Ghost for crying out loud! If we ever got together, then no one would be able to see me. He'd introduce his girlfriend to all his friends and there‘d be no one there. They'd think he was mentally ill and he'd go straight to the loony bin, but he isn't because I'm real! I am! And I couldn't bare to do that to him, couldn't bare to hurt him like that. And that's why I won't tell him, I'll never tell him.


     But of course there were times when I really felt like I should tell him the truth, like now for instance. I was currently sat on the windowsill in Fernando's bedroom. And I was invisible and when I say that, I mean I was invisible to him. He couldn't see me and as it stands he was currently lying on his bed kissing this girl he'd been going out with for four months. They decided that tonight was going to be the night, if you know what I mean. And of course I got jealous, actually that's a bit unfair, because this Beth who he was about to sleep with was a total bitch. She was married to a man and she hadn't told Fernando this. And how did I know this? Well, when Fernando told me about her I hunted her down and followed her trying to find dirt on her. And I concluded she had a Husband a week ago. However, I couldn't tell Fernando and why? Because it would break his little heart, because I didn't want to hurt him. However, whilst sat here now I had to say something, I needed to say something, he was not going to sleep with this woman when she was lying to him. So I materialised, so that Fernando would be able to see me.


     Once I'd done that, me being me, I couldn't help but begin this with a sarcastic comment. "Great kissing technique Fernando." I told him and he opened his eyes and gave me a look that told me to get out. I wasn't going to listen. "Did you know in her lifetime this girl you're about to sleep with has slept with over a hundred men?" I asked. "That's a lot considering she's only twenty three." Fernando pulled away from Beth then and sighed, she looked up at him her hand placed on his shoulder.

"What's wrong?" She asked him

"Could we take a breather?" He asked her and she nodded her head.

"I'll just pop to the bathroom."

"Ok." He said and Beth then walked to the bathroom.


     Fernando sat up annoyed and looked at me. "Ok, that was not funny Melissa."


     Oh yeah, my name is Melissa Shadows by the way, forgot to mention that one. My name's Melissa Shadows and I'm a Ghost, back to this. "Well, I thought it was funny." I smiled.

 "Ok, you are really starting to piss me off!" He complained. "Ok, I don't mind you materialising here and there, but I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't do it when I've got a girl around, it sort of kills the mood." He informs me.

"Fernando, Beth has a Husband."

"What?" He asked me shocked at my statement.

"She's married."

"What, no. She can't be."

"She is."

"How do you know this?" He asked me.

"Because, because I followed her."

"You did what?!"

"I had to know what she was like, things were starting to get serious."

"God, I can't believe you followed my girlfriend!" He complained and put a hand to his head.

"Well, it's a good thing I did!" I replied.

"That's it, get out!"

"Fernando!" I said shocked.

"Just get out of my house." He told me annoyed and I didn't want to upset him anymore. So I got out of his house and ended up sitting on the doorstep outside.


     See what I mean, I tell him his girlfriend is married and I get blamed. But of course no one likes a Ghost hanging around. Because I'm not supposed to be here. In fact, why am I still here? It doesn't make sense. I should be going to Heaven or Hell or I should just be reincarnated or whatever happens to you after death. I shouldn't be in a cross between two worlds. I mean, what is the point of me being here? What is the point of my existence?! It's ridiculous! And just as I was contemplating this, Beth let herself out of the house, tears in her eyes. I guess he broke up with her then. She walked through me which really pissed me off! "Hey, watch it! I felt a breeze!" I yelled at her, but of course she didn't hear me.


     Humans. God!


     When she was gone I decided to return to Fernando's house, wanting to see how he's doing. I walked upstairs into his room, to see him lying on his bed, not saying anything, not doing anything.


     Just lying there.


     I walked over towards the bed and lay on it myself. I lay on my right side so I could face him. "What do I keep doing wrong?" He asked me so suddenly that it catches me off guard.

"You don't do anything wrong Fernando. You're a really great guy and all these girls you've been out with have been stupid to lose you."

"I don't think so." He replied. "I'm just some boring footballer. That's all anyone sees me as."

"No they don't and if they do then they're an idiot." I moved my hand to his face and lightly touched it. "I don't see you as some boring footballer." I smiled at him and he ended up returning my smile. He then sighed and looked deeply into my eyes. "Do you know what I wish?" He asks.

"What?" I wondered.

"I wish that you were human because no one seems to understand me the way you do." When he told me that I was surprised and my Ghostly heart increased in pace.

"Just because I'm a Ghost it doesn't mean we can't give things a go." I mentioned to him hopefully.


     Fernando looked as though he was contemplating this for a while. "I don't know, it'd be weird. I wouldn't be able to take you out anywhere because it'll look as though I'm talking to myself."

"We'll eat in." I smiled.

"And I can't introduce you to my family."

"Who cares, just as long as we have each other and I couldn't introduce you to mine."

"I don't know Melissa. I just don't know." He paused. "I think I love you, but I don't know."

 "I love you Fernando." I told him and moved my hand on top of his, there were tears in my eyes. And then that was it, I had to tell him the truth about our past lives. I had to. "Fernando, there's something you need to know."

"Ok..." He replied unsure.

"It's just we've met before, except you don't remember. It was in our past lives, we met before and we got together and we fell in love. And I was supposed to meet you this time, but I couldn't because I was murdered by a man I never found. So I'm a Ghost and that is why for the first time ever we didn't meet before I died."

"Why? Why now? How do you know this?"

"I don't know why now and I know this because I saw it when you touched me for the first time."

"So I was meant to be with you?" He asked and I nodded my head, this time he placed a hand on my cheek and looked at me in this intense way.


     His mouth met mine, his lips moved slowly and gently against mine. It was probably the best moment of my un-dead life. In fact it was better than when I was alive. And suddenly Fernando pulled away. "I remember." He said it in such a surprised way. "I remember us. Over the years and you look different you do. Different hair colour, different body, different everything, but your eyes always stay the same." He told me and by now there were tears in my eyes. "I love you, oh God, I love you so much." He said in a broken voice.

"I love you too Nando." I replied smiling and he clasped my face in his hands.


Fernando's Point of View:

     It was her. All along it was her.


     I'd been out with so many girls hoping she was The One, but they never were. And here I am kissing Melissa and I know, I just know. This past year I didn't even notice her, in that way. Ok, maybe there was the quick thought, but that was it. The fact she was a Ghost got in the way of any thoughts of us being together. But now here she was, here we were. Kissing. I was actually kissing Melissa! I'd never wanted anyone so much in my entire life. My mouth met hers over and over again. Her lips slid across mine in such a gentle, tender way. I buried my hands in her long, beautiful hair. I moved my arms around her gorgeous body wanting to keep her near to me, never wanting to let her go ever again. I loved this woman. And Ghost or no Ghost, we were going to be together. I don't care what anyone says, I love her. I really do.


     I slowly pulled away from her and she was gone. Melissa was no longer lying on the bed next to me. She was nowhere to be seen. "Melissa!" I called, there was no answer. She didn't manifest. "Melissa!" I called again.She was gone.


     And everyday after that I would look for her, call for her, hoping that she's still there, hoping to God that I hadn't lost her.


     Little did I know then that that kiss we shared would be our last. Little did I know that I'd never see her again, never touch her again, kiss her, talk to her. She was gone. Maybe that was why she came back as a Ghost because she had some unfinished business. And well, maybe kissing her, falling in love with her was what allowed her to get to wherever it was she needed to get to. That's what I hoped anyway. I never loved anyone as much as her and I just wished I had more time with her after realising my feelings for her. All I wanted was to be with her for a day, an hour, anything because what I had wasn't enough. Just a small moment was all I had with her. I now cherished the times I had with her. The laughs, the ups, the downs. Kissing her, oh God, kissing her felt so good. And then it was all ripped away from me. It had vanished into thin air. Just like Melissa...

     And the one thing that kept me going was the fact I'd see her again, in the next life...

The End

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