It was late August and therefore the Summer was coming to an end. Carla and her friends had spent their holidays on long expeditions out over the hills. Rosetta, her parents and her Aunt Liss the former tennis player, who lived with them, had briefly been on holiday to the Lake District, and were back after a week and complete with beautiful pictures on their cameras. Carla too marvelled, but Jess did not care much for landscapes.

Carla helped a lot with her brothers, which she certainly did not enjoy, and was forced to take David on many of their outings.

They did not go back to the shed. Only once a week for ten minutes did they visiit the clearing to check that the key was not there, the shed locked and Vienna was nowhere near. This was on Mondays.

One sunny morning Carla set out for a walk with David. She has the pushchair because David would not walk far and he needed some fresh air, acoring to Mrs Carter. Either that or Mrs Carter did not want to have David around after his spectacular paintings in very bright colours over the once-white living room walls.

They took a route often used by the Carter family which took them out of Allendale Town, over a hill and back again in thirty minutes.

Carla set off pushing the 'buggy' at a brisk pace. The sooner she finished the walk she could pass David someone else who would (supposedly) be willing to take care of him.

She had not been walking through the bracken long when she heard the familiar whistle of a now quite well-known tune. Carla stopped to listen to it and shivered as she heard the beautiful notes.

She looked around warily, then down at her brother, who began to sing lustily. What a nuisance! David meant that she could not hide in the bushes, run back, be rude or do anything to avoid Vienna at all. Carla began to pick up her already fast pace.

David stopped singing and fell asleep. Carla heaved a sigh of relief.

She walked for a further ten minutes and came to the top of the hill where she paused a moment to look out over teh view. Suddenly the whistle came again, softly, just behind her.

Levaing her clutch of the 'buggy', Carla spun around and came face to face with her second cousin.

They stared at each other, Carla with a hard expression in her eyes, Vienna with one that can't easily be explained.

Carla was about to hold forth with an angry flow of accusing words when Vienna darted forward with such a quick movement that Carla did not see it at first; she grabbed Carla's hand, dropped it, and was gone.

Carla heard the notes soaring with longing once again in the distance a few seconds later.

Carla was absolutely startled. She had hardly seen what Vienna had done. She felt something cold in her palm, and, looking down at it, she saw a shiny metal key to which was tied a yellow ribbon. On this yellow ribbon were dozens of black music notes stretching in an orderly line along the strip. They were quavers.

The End

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