"You know about this couple?" Colonel Greene said incredulously.

"I do; very much. The woman was one of my best friends back in Scandinavia. I met her there twelve years ago when her husband and she were on their honeymoon in Sweden. They stayed there two years and came to England, around here I believe, just a few weeks before my daughter was born. They were in England three weeks and I wrote to them often. Then at the end of the fourth week one of my letters came back, returned, with one letter from my friend. It was very puzzling. They always had to go to the post office to collect letters because their house was too far away from anywhere for postmen to be bothered to go. She told me that. They didn't know anyone either. They lived very discreetly because they were afraid people might discriminate them for being foreign. They were always shy like that. Anyway, no one collected myletter from the post office so they sent it back. And with it was a letter from my friends. It was addressed to 'the parent or guardian of the child of Jonelle Mai Levander', which I thought odd. It said something about that she was sorry I had passed away and she was leaving her house to my child in her new will. I thought she had gone mad, and maybe she had. I then gave birth to my daughter, and then I sent more letters, but they were each returned in turn. I never knew what happened to her. I'm so sorry they passed away. They had no relatives so no one could've known. And few friends; they were so shy. But how do you know that they are deceased? Or even that they existed? What is all of this about?"

The End

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