The Tuesday was the day of the sale. It was late July by now and growing hotter by the day.

The sale was fixed at the community hall at a bring-and-buy sale. They had booked a table there, and decided to take along a set-up table for the cakes. The toys and competitions would be alright on the booked table, for it was quite long.

The three children had everything set up in readiness for when the visitors came. Their parents would be aroun,d buying things from other stalls, and Carla had successfully recruited Carl, although not without some degree of nagging. The cakes had been freshly baked the previous day at Rosetta's house, The Curlew, and the trio had each donated a small pile of unwanted toys. Rosetta and Carla were getting rid of all their dolls froms their youngest days, but Jessica could not give much, most of her toys being wanted by her younger sister. For Carla that wasn't the case, her siblings being boys and therefore not interested in any junk she had grown out of.

Jess had devised two competitions, Guess the Name of the Teddy and Guess the Weight of the Hat of Sweets. That had been easy enough to do. Rosetta the name-lover had drawn out a list of possible teddy-bear names for the contestants to  choose from, and Carla had provided the sweets. The hat had been manufactured out of black paper by Jessica's mother, who was very inventive.

Visitors flocked in within fifteen minutes, and soon the selling was well underway.

One little girl kept coming back to the stall and buying dolls, and eventually Rosetta had to sell Carla's blue fluffy rabbit to David Carter, who had had his eye on it all afternoon. She didn't feel quite right about selling Carla's things to her own brother, but Mrs Carter, feeling just as jolly as ever despite it being only a fortnight or less since Little Steve's birth, laughed and said that the money must be for a good cause so she was quite willing to pay.

At the end of the evning the girls felt completely satisfied. Gingerbread, cupcakes, raisin biscuits, raspberry muffins, fruit flapjacks, marzipan and chocolate cake had all vanished. Few toys remained and a substantial amount people had paid to try the two competitions.

"We'll count it tonight and let you know at the meeting tomorrow," offered Rosetta, and she took the ice-cream tub of change.

The End

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