"Rosetta Denison! What did you think you were doing, deserting me and talking to her like that? You took a vow!" stormed Carla.

Rosetta shrugged, standing her ground ably. "I couldn't bear how rude you were being to Vienna, letting our group down."

"That's what our war is about. We're meant not to fall in with her little plans."

"Vienna looked positively hurt when you said some of those things."

"How could she? She hates me, or she wouldn't act as she does."

"Maybe she's shy. You provoke her, you know. I think she doesn't want to spoil you and make you think you can get all the friends you like, whenever you like. You do find it stupidly easy to make friends, Carla."

"Really? That's what I think about her, besides not liking her. She was spying on us; I know it. She said she'd only been there a few minutes so guiltily I nearly burst out laughing."

"I'm glad you didn't. You'd have disgraced us even more," Rosetta persisted. But Carla would not and could not agree.

"She only brought back David to try and win our friendship, if she ever wanted it! But you can't do it like that. And she only invited us to that stupid party of hers so she couldn't say she hadn't invited us."

"I think it was nice of her. We should've said 'yes' and she'd have felt uncomfortable then."

Carla, her own point of view in mind, agreed. "What an idiot I am. Then she'd have been sorry. She only said it to make us feel bad."

"I'm sure that's not true."

"I know it's true. By the way, you almost told her about the sale. You can't deny that!"

"I know you'll laugh at me but I honestly think she knew already. I say it in her eyes."

Carla did laugh. She laughed very hard and when she'd calmed down she clapped her friend's shoulder and declared the whole argument a joke.

"You really sounded as if you wanted to be friends with her, Rosie! We're such idiots not to trust each other. I'm sure you wouldn't even think of such a thing."

"As a matter of fact, that might be a fib," Rosetta thought awkwardly, but she didn't say it aloud. Carla knew that the argument was heading for a full-sized friendship break-up, and had averted it. Doubtless Carla really convinced herself afterwards that it was such a joke. Rosetta was comforted by the fact that Carla had halted the dispute, as she herself should've done minutes ago, but she felt terrible that they had come so close to an ended friendship.

No more was mentioned. The two friends resumed their earlier attitudes towards each other and were best friends once more. Rosetta would follow Carla's lead when they disobeyed Vienna, but as that opportunity didn't arise very often, the weeks flew by until it was mid-July, and a very important occasion.

The End

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