The last sweet note held for a long time, all nature pasuing, spellbound. It ended regretfully but with a full plate of the fulfilment you get when you have just told somebody of your troubles and they do not seem as bad any more; the kind of earthly elation you are compelled to hang on to forever, if only you could. Then everything seemed to happen at once. The birds had stopped singing. mesmerized, when the first note was played. Now a great chorus broke out like storms of applause. But then teh applause turned into shrieks, which were not of delight. A huge crack sounded, and a beam of the house swung down heavily, swaying as if on one hinge. For a prolonged moment it was poised, still, and a flute was trilling somewhere, then it dropped and the echo of a small scream was all that was left of the crumpled body in the dust beneath the beam...

The End

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