Carla pedalled quickly, for she knew that her mum would be worrying if she didn't turn up soon.

But her mother had finished getting David off to his nap, and had had not a thought about her.

"Hello," she said. "You've been a while."

"Yes, I met Rosie and Jessie. Sorry I'm late back."

"It didn't matter today, as I was busy, but try not to be so long next time. I'd have been very panicky ten minutes ago if I had realised that you were not back."

"Sorry," said Carla, but when her dad arrived home from work it was a different story.

"If you go gallivanting off with your friends and worrying your poor mother at least you'd have the goodness to tell her," was his opening sentence.

Mrs Carter smiled and said that she hadn't worried, but Mr Carter was adamant that Carla must not go off without telling anyone, and if not on her own mobile phone - why had they bought it in the first place? - didn't Rosetta have one?

"You have been warned, and if it happens again you shall stay in your room for one whole weekend," Mr Carter concluded, harshly, Mrs Carter thought.

Carla was not overly fussed one way or another, beyond resolving to be careful. She went to bed that night unsatisfied, although she was not sure why.

The End

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