Lovable MichealMature

Chapter 2


The feeling that this building gave me felt like one I had certainly had before. My legs are doing that awkward thing again and my heart’s pounding…Also, this common unpleasantness that I feel; I’ve definitely had this before! Weird thing is, is I can’t remember why I ever got any of these strange feelings and emotions. “Bella? Are you alright?” “Love?” “What’s wrong?” I finally came back to life.

“What, oh nothing.” His expression was scared. “I’m fine really.”

“Ok well what do you think?”


“This building?”

“Oh…” Now I was really lost.


“It’s… Nice but why’s that so significant?”

“Bells have you even been listening to anything I’ve been saying?” “This is your birthday surprise. Our apartment…”


“Bella!” “Micheal’s waiting for you downstairs!”

“What!” “Mom, what happened…” Then I realised all that apartment thing was a dream. “Oh thank god!” “Coming mom!” Great, make up wasn’t done, skinny’s weren’t on and my hair urgh! “Bella!” God I’ve never heard her like this before. “Just tell Micheal to come up here.”

“Hello love, how are you today?”

“Oh Micheal really you need a shield to protect you from all the hugs and kisses I have in store for you!” I ran up to him and fell into his luscious bare chest; “Bells you know we’re saving it for the right time.” Urgh I wish he didn’t have to say that every time I started to get that extra little bit closer. “Yes I know Micheal but I really can’t help myself, surely you know that, right?”

“Don’t put on the puppy eyes Bells we’re seventeen atleast have some self control.” He laughed at this, wow how beautiful his laugh was and how mouth watering his smile is. “Give me your hand and let me lead you…” Damn, how I wish he’d say this! “Micheal it’s my birthday, you promised!” This was so obviously a lie in his case.

“Bella please just give it some time.” He grabbed my shoulder and forced me into his sweetly scented lustre. “Micheal?”

“Yes my sweet?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The End

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