Chapter 1


Here I stood in this exact spot on this exact day…I’ve dreamed many times of this day and… “Bella c’mon, it’s time to go.” Damn! Once again she interrupted my thoughts; “Bella c’mon, it’s time.” “I know you were just getting to like this place I know but we have to go back home. Surely you understand, correct?”

“Yes of course I understand mom but it’s just so hard leaving a place I’ve become so attached too.” No answer.

“Bella. Listen. I know that you’re leaving all of your friends-

“Also, Micheal!”


“Of course Micheal, how can I forget! Bella you can write to your friends and talk to them over the phone; forget about Micheal darling, he’s no good for you!” Even though she is my mother I felt like slapping her right now. Forget about Micheal! I’d given her enough chances now, now I’ve really had it with her! “Micheal is my boyfriend!” “I can’t leave him mom! Please don’t make me do this.”

“Do what?!”

“I’m sixteen now and I’m old enough to make my own decisions. I’m staying here! With Micheal!” She spoke nothing for nearly five minutes.

“Right. Fine. Do whatever you want Bells but don’t complain to me when it all goes wrong ok?!”

“Yes that sounds like a deal then, so are you going or not? The path’s right there mother.” I knew she wouldn’t leave me but I made her so angry that she just had to come out with that. “I’ll go tomorrow tea will be ready in about one hours time.”

“Ok well I’m having tea at Micheal’s tonight so just cook a meal for yourself and John.” I walked off my face beaming. I knew I’d won the pathetic fight. “Bella, wait.” I just ignored her and skipped to Micheal’s. Micheal you’re there, I love you so much babe!”

“What’s made you so happy love?”

“Nothing…” I didn’t want to tell him after all he’s going through enough already. “I just realised that I really love you so damn much!” His perfect brown eyes made my heart melt; he kissed me on my forehead, “I love you too love. So what’re you doing tomorrow then?”

“Oh erm…Nothing I don’t think why?”

“Well, it’s your birthday remember or did you forget.” He laughed.

“No Micheal! I told you no birthday surprises!” I leaned into his shoulder and purred. “Bella do you really think I’d leave out a surprise for you on your birthday?!”

“Micheal you know I hate it when you spend a fortune on me!”

“Well you’re worth it and don’t even bother saying you’re not!”

“I’m… Ok well please don’t spend another penny. Please babe.”

“Close your eyes…”

The End

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