Chapter Six - Choices and a PartyMature

Clock of Choices

By Anonymous Author


Tick-Tock says the clock.

This little mouse won’t be running up the clock.

It’s too late to back away now,

From the big ol’ grandfather clock.


Tick-Tock says the clock.

Twelve hours to go.

What will be your hour?


Tick-Tock says the clock.

Last hour ‘till twelve is here.

Can you choose soon?



Time is up.


What did you choose.

Note: Beni wrote all of Sho's dialogue. He'll be writing all of Lai and Sho's dialogue from here on out because he is literally both of them and the fact he has a rather thick accent makes it a bit better.

xxx DEVIN xxx

"The Deffil's Light! Kot chained up and drugged py guards... Great chob friend." Sho commented as he followed me down the alleyway. His accent was thick as always and I was glad enough to have known him for years, so I was able to understand him than most people.

"Sod off, Blitz." I grumbled, "I don't want to hear it."

"Zorry Deffil." Sho chuckled, "Hov vas the trip pack?" He asked.

"Masque kept me company, so that was at least one thing gone right." Rubbing the back of my neck, I sighed, "Seen Angel around?"

"I dink I zav her vith Allure and earlier vith zome nev guy."

"Some new guy?"

"Looks like ein veak one. Eh, petter get to him pefore the others do."

"Before the others?"

"Dagger and Bullet are making deir damned vay offer to him right nov." Sho jutted his thumb towards the right where an opening to a dead-end was.

True to his word, Atlas; Bullet and Luca; Dagger, were making their way towards someone very familiar. What do you know, it's that damned nesh wimp that was with the councilmen chavs.

"Let's make our way then before my brother gets too peckish with some sad arse." I joked, even though my words held no lie.

As we made our way towards the trio, I too notice of the other leaders making their way as well.

"Tch, seen with Angel for not even five minutes and he has a crowd of blokes making their way to him."

"Oh look, told ya crumpet." Luca purred, "Big brother Devil is here."

"Feeling a bit fruity over a nesh wimp, are you... Little brother." I growled, "Name?" I didn’t bother looking over at the bloke.


My attention was turned to the bloke, Joshua. God, I wasn't kidding when I said that he was some nesh wimp. Poor bloke looks like he's gonna piss himself or something, and I don't mean getting drunk.

"Joshie-boy, eh?" Luca continued, "So, you aren't interested in this little crumpet? I mean he's got talent, big brother."

"Aren't you a bit brash about this nesh?" I questioned, "Didn't Angel claim him or something?"

"Angel doesn't force claim an illusioner. You know how she is." Nigel finally called out.

"Sod off, Blackjack. Didn't think that you'll leave the suits by themselves to run the casino." 

"They need to learn. They have done a great job so far." Nigel mentioned, "Now back to the rookie."

Looking back to Joshua, I took notice of Luca being a bit too close now. If there was anyone to blame for a fight by the terminal in some dead-end alleyway, we can blame Elodia.

"Tch." I clicked my tounge in annoyance and sent Sho away to go check on Corbin.

"Jeez, jealous of your brother and his apparent, 'crumpet'?" Nathaniel asked.

“Is everyone being a chav today or something? I asked, “No, I’m not.”

“Sounds like it.”

“Oh, wanna brawl… C-Sharp?”

“Anytime, anywhere, Devil’s Light…”

“Let’s brawl then.”

“Prevent from fighting today please.”

“Shut it, Masque!” Nathaniel and I snapped at the same time.

“Just admit it, Dev. You’re jealous of me hitting the crumpet up.”

“I am not!”

“Seriously dude. We won't judge.”

“You’re all being chavs!”

xxx JOSHUA xxx

I slowly crouched down onto the ground. Maybe I can sneak away from these guys and go find Elodia and Colver.

But as my luck has it, those guys were currently blocking my only way out. I always end up attracting jerks, don't I? I should really figure out a way to get away, but how? There's about nine of them. I can't fight all of them in this alleyway, and I just don't fight.

It’s not like I have-- Right. Just learned this today and Elodia did talk to me about the basics of abilities.

“Just focus on a point on your body and then your aura. Don't do aura first then on a point, you end up with it being unstable. Once you get the hang of it, you can do more complex things.” She held out her hand, palm up, and I watched as an orb of black smoke swirled around before unfolding into bullets, “This took me months to get it down.”

I sighed and looked up at the group. They were talking about me and knowing that they were going to stop and talk to me, I have to move quick, and soon.

Looking around, I remembered that there was a dumpster behind me. If I can get up there, I could maybe jump over them.

Slowly, I crawled over to the side of dumpster while they were still arguing. I made my way on top of the dumpster, thankfully with little noise.

Okay… This shouldn't be too hard, right? Just a jump and roll like the action guys on tv. And there's a post sticking out. I can grab onto that. Yeah, sounds like I'll live.

Taking a big breath, I stepped back and launched myself over the group. My hands and arms instantly went to protect my face as I landed, completely forgetting the original plan of grabbing the post.

Groaning, I slowly got up and turned around. Either these guys don't care or they are having a decently heated discussion from their previous argument.

I took off, not caring if they noticed now and not caring about the growing pain in my side. Elodia said that she'll be by some bar before she heads off to some party, she didn't tell me the name of it.

Running down past the loading terminal, past the building and down some street. Knowing that I’ll end up lost, I had to look for something, maybe find the bars and see if I can find her.

I managed to find a clearing in some street, maybe this is their downtown. There wasn't much people, but it was good enough to hide if the guys actually did follow me. I can see a bar nearby, maybe she's in that one.

Taking off, I made it halfway before being shoved to the ground and pinned. I could hear a predatory growl from above me and I slowly looked up.

“Did you think we were that stupid?” Dagger growled, “We just let you run. Like a small mouse, we are the hungry cats.” He grinned, “I can help you with a decision.”

“Dagger! No force claim!” Bullet shouted, “Let the damn punk choose.”

Dagger gave one hard stare at Bullet before looking back at me, “Fine.” I was pulled up with him, “Better not run, crumpet.”

Nodding in fear, I sighed. My luck was bad today. Can’t I just have a good day ever?

“Ladies, ladies, you all look gorgeous! Now let's put a stop to this catfight.”

xxx ELODIA xxx

“Nah, it’s more of a- Boys, boys, nobody cares about that speck of dirt on your brand new five hundred dollar shoes that you bought. They are just going to get dirty anyways.” I joked as I walked over to Joshua and pulled him away from Luca, “How’s that side?”

“How did-”

“A little spider told us.” Kenta explained simply, “Dagger didn't-”

“No. Like hell I’d let my chav of a brother do that.” Devin snarled.

“You almost did. He sounded jealous of that-” Nathaniel was cut off when Devin punch his shoulder, “See…”

“Sod off for the last time.” Devin grumbled before staring right at me, “We need to have a chat, Angie…”

“You can have the chit-chat tomorrow. Today is a party.” Kamryn explained briefly, “Joshie, here can join us. See you boys soon.”

We started to walk off and I could head Devin yell out, ‘What fucking party?!’ And the guys groaning. Kamryn was gently pushing Joshua as we went towards the subway.

“Party? Where are we going?” Joshua asked as soon as we were far enough, “And what’s a force claim?”

“To the Amphitheater Actor's headquarters obviously.” Kamryn grinned, “And a force claim isn't something that you want to deal with…”


“You’ll figure it out. But, seeing all that… You need to choose a gang.” Kenta sighed as we entered the terminal.


“The boys aren't going to let you out of it. You need to choose between the top eleven  leaders.” I explained. Colver looked at me when we reached the ticketing station. He always wanted to do it, so I gave him our PDAs so he could do it, “But, you could make your own gang.”

“Come again?”

“Kelpie, Amphitheater Actors.” Kamryn grinned, doing her usual planned introduction of spinning and doing some fancy bow.

“Allure, Webbed Kings.” Kenta explained.

“You already know, Masque of the Masked Undead. Then there's Devil’s Light and myself, Angel’s Shadow of The Vanished.”

“And the other six?”

“Dagger, White Ashes. Bullet, Black Ashes. You won’t believe the amount of times that I mix those two up. Then there’s, Crux, Ebony Swords. Blackjack, The Expired. C-Sharp, Soul Singers. And Visage, Nameless Faces. Aka, Angie’s lover-not-lover.”

“Kel, I swear to God that I’ll tell Grim that you have pictures of him sleeping and that you had Vi-Vi make a pin-up pillow of him!”

“Ha! He already knows about those.”

“Sorry to break up your conversation, but… This is still very new.” Joshua commented as we entered the train cart. He was now holding one of Blinkey’s paws with Colver. I don’t really question where the heck Blinkey came from.

“There's smaller gangs, but the guys won't let you.” Kenta added, “But like we said, there's still the choice of making your own gang.”

“I don't even understand my abilities!”

“We can teach you.”

“Oh! Is Pyro going through the alliance with you, Ally dear?”

“Of course.”

“Pyro? Who-”

“Small gang leader. Pyro was once a sub-gang of The Webbed Kings. He wanted become a full one, so I gave him permission to do so.”


“Angel~” Kamyrn purred. I knew exactly what she wanted and it wasn’t going to happen.

“I am not wearing that dress. It’s way too poofy.”

“Uh, what's the party for?”

“Angel’s birthday was a three days ago, so I planned a party for her here. I think Devi forgot.” Kamyrn sighed, “He’s an idiot.”

“He bought me a necklace…” Kamyrn and Kenta gave me a knowing look, “Okay, so Dove was the one who made him buy it for him to give to me.” I chuckled, ruffling Colver’s hair.

“Happy belated birthday then… Sorry for making you late for your own party.”

I laughed, “It doesn't start until I get there according to Kelly. So, it's really fine.”

“What happens if I don't choose?”

“Force claim by Dagger. He seems to be the most interested.” Kamyrn explained, “Oh, our stop!”

We got off and continued to have a conversation. Joshua asking various questions. Was he giving us an interview, because seriously... This guy was pretty curious.

“What does your uncle think?”

Joshua froze. We hit a nerve… Opps.

“I… No, he knew about this. I-It was bound to happen. After all, we had bi-monthly tests for illusioner abilities.”


“He hasn't called you?”

“No… I don't think he knows about me being here yet.”

“Well, he’ll find out soon enough.” I explained, “Kel, do you even remember where your own base is?”

Kamyrn was silent for a bit before taking out her PDA, “Hush you.”

Kenta and I shared a look before shaking our heads, Kamyrn always did this. Grim and Umbra had to pick us up, so we ended up waiting by some rubble of an old building.

“How long do I have?” Joshua asked.

“I say until midnight. Magic hour for illusioners.” Kamyrn explained, “Oh, maybe Vissy birthday gift to you is a face reveal, Angie.”

I gently shoved her away, “I’ve known him for ten years, he's never going to do it.”

“Make a wish.”


“Come on!”

“I said no!”

“It could happen this year…”

“You too, Allure?”

“Do you all always do this?” Joshua asked.



“Pretty much.”

The End

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