Chapter Five - DealMature


By Anonymous Author

Let's make a deal.

Is there something you'd like?


How about...

My torn voice for your pure one.

My money for your diamonds.

My toxic blood for your blue.

Or maybe

Your madness for my peace.

Your anger for my calm.

Your sadness for my happiness.

Do those sound nice?

Something that I have,

Something that you have,

we both can deal.


Neither of us can be trusted.

With such a deal.

So, let's try this...

A deal where we cannot break.

A deal where we can see no lies.

A deal where we can say,

"I agree to these terms."

Your life...

For mine.

After all, you brag so much,

about yours.

Why not be in mine,

for a little bit of

YOUR time?


Do we have a deal?


I thought so.

xxx JOSHUA xxx

Shocked. That's all I could do when I saw the girl go limp in Dominik's arms. What was he even thinking? In the middle of all this and he drugs her.

What was in that drug?

"Erm... Dominik?" I asked, not even caring about Chandler. I was worried for the girl since the illusioners might aim their attacks towards us.

"A new drug that your uncle has been working on. Something just for dragonfly risk potentials..." Dominik growled, holding onto the girl a bit tighter when Chandler tried to get closer, “Don't touch her.”


My attention turned to the guards, pointing their guns at a kid, and I recognized him too; He was the kid from the zoo. But he, like many others here weren't wearing their I.D. lanyards.

The kid had some black smoke coming from his hands. And the eye that was visible glowed red.

Wait… If he was the kid from the zoo then the girl--

“Angel’s Dove, and all illusioners! Back down!” A voice ripped me from my thoughts.

There I noticed a masked man, right hand raised. As soon as he finished speaking, it was a stalemate. Guards stopped, but still had their weapons raised. Illusioners stopped all together, their weapons down.

“Release Angel’s Shadow and we'll cease this event.”

Do all illusioners have nicknames to go by or something?

“Ah. But, she's just a fine girl. Shame that she’s an illusioner.” Dominik stated, “I'll hand Angel over to you, Masque. But, Devil needs to remove the remaining bombs and be in the final train cart, cuffed and on DIME.”

“Devil’s Light doesn’t react to-- Pardon, but did you say DIME?“

“A new suppressing drug for dragonfly potentials. Overtakes QUILL and depending on the illusioner, it can possibly knock them out. High percentage of that… Higher chance of death when given lethal amount.” Dominik brushed some hair out of Angel’s face, “She was our first subject. There could have been a possibility of death if she wasn't a dragonfly potential.”

Death? Did he really risk this? And my uncle was in on this? Was this why he is barely ever at the house?

Masque sighed and waved Devil over. I watched as a guy came over. He looked absolutely pissed and I swore that I could see fire following him. He was holding some sort of handgun.

“Let her the fuck go before I sh-”


Devil turned to Masque, both annoyed and angered. I was pretty scared at this point because I was in the perfect line of fire if he was to shoot that gun.

“As an ally and… friend, I’m telling you to get the bombs and do as the guards say, while I finish the deal.”


“For Angel and Dove’s sake.” Masque gestured towards Angel and then to Dove, whose visible eye were back to its pale blue, but the smoke stayed.

“Fine…” Devil took off. Fire trailing behind him. Again, to be honest, I was scared. What if the bombs go off again?

“Anything else to add?”

“Everyone in the area has been locked in by Caershire guards and police. Everyone needs to be tested for illusioner abilities... After all, some could be new budders."

"Alright..." Masque turned around and shouted towards the group of waiting illusioners, "All illusioners must be in line for risk level testing!

"That goes for civilians as well!"

Shocked, I took a step back, but Chandler caught me.

"You're not some beast are you?" He mocked, eyes staring me down like some predator.

"I-I don't..."

"He can go first then." Carson piped up.

"Eh? But my-"

"Why does that matter Chandler? Honestly, if he was a risk three then you don't got a toy to screw with, but it won't matter if he's clean or a risk one or two." Mathies explained.

All I could think of was back towards the medication I take. My was making me take them since the age of five, he never told me what they were for. Does that mean... Oh fuck.

"Right. I shall leave you all to the testing, I will be taking Angel." Masque walked up towards Dominik and took Angel out of his arms and into his own, "Dove, go find Devil and tell him that we received Angel."

Dove nodded and took off into the crowd as Masque walked off towards two motorcycles.

"Arm out, Joshie boy." Chandler growled, yanking on my arm. I couldn't fight back as a needle was poked into my skin. I watched as the needle drew blood and held my breath.

Since when did Chandler have an aura-checker on him? Or who gave him one?

Silence.... Until I heard that dreadful bing and three red lights appearing on the aura-checker . I had no time to react when I was suddenly on the ground, holding my right cheek in pain.


Chandler punched me? For being an… An…

“You damn beast!” Chandler shouted, “I bet your uncle paid our dads lots of money to keep you here!”

“No! I-I swe-”

“Shut up!” A kick to the stomach. I managed to hold whatever was coming up my throat down.

“Chandler, enough!”

“This little bastard…” He went in for another kick when he was shoved back.

“Leave him be before I make you regret it.” That voice sound familiar.

“How? How the fuck are you awake?! I thought that Ma-” All eyes were on Masque, who no longer held Angel in his arms and was a good fifty feet away.

“Let's make a deal…”

xxx ELODIA xxx

"Thank you again… Erm..." Joshua trailed off as if he was asking for my name.

Sighing, I turned to Colver who just gave me a nod. I hate this train, but I managed to get a train cart with just us three.


"You know, I hate doing this." I started, turning back towards Joshua. The train cart darkened as we passed through a tunnel, "But, my name is Elodia Akinici Callejo Wolfgang and this is Colver." Smiling, I nodded, "You're welcome. I am always up for helping illusioners... Even if it was for a cost of my blood."


"But, call me Angel's Shadow, or Angel for short. Colver is Angel's Dove, or Dove."

"Oh okay." Joshua's eyes seemed to give me a confused look, but nothing more.

Looking outside the window, I watched as the train went down into yet another tunnel, but this one being underwater.

"Look Colly, fish." I pointed out.

Colver ran to the large window and nodded, pointing out some rays and a school of fish; devil and angel.

Chuckling , I ruffled his hair, "Are you calling me a fish?"

He gave me a look before shaking his head no and went back to watching the fish.

"He really likes animals, huh?" Joshua commented.

"This kid.." I sighed, looks like I'll be doing a lot of that today, "He brings animals to our place all the time. First it was a dove, he named it Bunti. Then soon after, more and more animals."

"Wow... Were they all, you know..."

"Yeah. Bunti couldn't fly, but that bird sure can break a brick in two."


"Yeah." I smiled when Colver started tapping on the window, "Hey, don't do that. Something is goi-" He jumped back and a squid latched itself to the window. In that instant, he hid behind me, or at least the best he could since I was leaned against the train cart wall, "Warned you."

"Elodia, can I, uh, ask you a question?"

"Go on ahead, amigo."

"How do you know Dominik?"


"Met him by my family's bakery boutique, Firefly Bites. I was sitting outside and he kinda just started talking to me like any normal person, except, not really..." Sighing, I pulled out my twin pistols; King and Queen, "Illusioners don't get treated like humans, you saw that. My turn to ask you a question." I stated as I juggled the pistols.

"Oh, uh, go ahead." Joshua seemed rather scared now. Guess it was the pistols and me just be not really safe with them.

"Your uncle works at Alpinescape Laboratories, right? He made you take medication, more specifically TAME, and never told you why. You never knew anything, did you?" Okay… So maybe that was two questions.

Joshua nodded, "I never really asked because he kept his work to himself and was never home pretty much."

"You don't live with your parents?"

"Lived with my uncle since I was four." He explained, "Never met my parents really."

Curiosity kills the cat... I shouldn't pry about Joshua and his personal life.

"Really? Do you even know their names? Do you even know what they look like?"

"No. My uncle wouldn't talk about them at all, not even a photo album."

"Oh... That stinks." Satisfaction doesn't always bring the cat back.

"What about you and Colver? You aren’t really siblings, are you?"

Is he turning the tables on me?

"Taken away when I was five, met Colver and Oliver when he was three."


"Sadly died..."

"Oh. Sorry for-"

"Don't worry about it."

It was silent for a bit. Felt awkward, but Colver made it a bit better when he started to trace The Vanished insignia on my bare shoulder.

"That tickles." Chuckling, I went to do the same before realizing something, "Where's Blinkey?"


"His devil angel cat plushie, I gave him. Where is it, kiddo? Did you finally grow out of him?"

Colver gave me a pout before walking over to the bags. Joshua had to pack a lot of his things, so Colver must have forgotten to take Blinkey out from his own pack.

"Isn't he-"

"No. It's something memorable for him. A majority of kids have things that they will never grow out of, for myself it's... I actually don't know." Laughing, I watched as Colver ran to Joshua holding Blinkey. The left ears looks like it needs a patch job, guess I’ll work on that later.

"Erm..." Joshua was downright confused when Colver placed Blinkey down next to him and went over to me. He held his hands up and I waited.

He started off with pointing to himself then holding both his hands out; palms up and flat. Bringing his hands to him and changing them into 'claw shapes'

I want- I already knew what he was asking for, but I waited for him to continue.

Using his hand again, he pointed his index finger up and acted like he was tracing the size of a quarter on the underside of something flat. He then twisted his index finger on his cheek.

I want something candy. I shook my head and corrected him on the last two words, since he meant some sweets, not candy.

"We have to stop by Allure's for a bit. She might have some sweets for you there then."

"Sign language?"

"He's getting there. Right, kiddo?" I joked, letting him pat my knee in annoyance, "Jeez, you're worse than Dev."

"Devil? Is he okay? After taking all that DIME?"

"Please, he should be. I mean, he's pretty tough."


“And call me Angel and Colver; Dove, as soon as we step off the train. You probably already know why…”

xxx DEVIN xxx

"Thanks for being in here with me." Patting Luis on the shoulder, I gave a half-hearted smile, "I need to talk with Elodia when we get back."

"Do you understand why she pulled that act? She would never do such a thing. Acting so asinine towards the councilmen sons."

"Look, Lu. I know that you're one of her closest friends, but she should be the one to tell you why. And can't you say stupid or foolish instead of ass-nine?" I sighed in annoyance.

"Pardon? It's asinine." Of course he would correct me on pronunciation, "And I apologize for using such large words for your small mind."

"If I wasn't on this stupid new drug, you would be begging Julio to save you."

"Please refrain from bringing Julio into this."

"I can do what I want."

"Maybe another time, after all; you are chained."  Luis poked at the chains on my wrist, "Do those hurt?"

"Not really. Least it's not a constant flow of suppression drugs, like when we were younger." I commented, "How much longer?"

"About five minutes until the train reaches the terminal then about ten for you to get unchained and followed to the closest safe district."

"Sounds like a normal end to a day."

"I believe that a way that you end your day is with a cigarette and fighting the new recruits on your side of The Vanished."

"Right, can I bum a fag off of you? The chavs have my gear and Mr. Snowball."

Luis sighed, he always hated when I used that for cigarette. Only because as anyone can tell; he's pretty gentleman like half the time. He reached into his back pocket and tossed me his pack.

"A light?"

"Make your own." He grumbled.

Nice to know that he's going to ignore me for three minutes.

Rolling my eyes, I popped out a cigarette and looked around the train cart to see if anything would set off a good enough spark as I handed the pack back to Luis.

"For heaven's sake, I'll light it. Overgrown child." Luis stated, grabbing his lighter and lighting up my cigarette.

"Cheers mate." I gave him a nod while he lit up his own cigarette.


"See you tonight at Kelpie's party..." Luis smiled dimly as he waited by the train cart doors, "I'll be sure to speak with Angel at the party." Waving his hand infront of his face, his mask appeared and he pulled up his capes hood.

"What party?" I asked, but received no answer as the doors opened and Luis walked out with a wave, "Fucking asshole."

The End

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