Chapter Four - RiotMature


By Anonymous Author


It's hard to hear.

I can see fists in the air.

“We will be feared!”

Orange, red, and yellow.


Dancing on top the building.

On top the cars.

Ontop some figures.

Red and blue.


Aiming their guns.

Those resisting are shot.

Fear and blood paint the ground.

End it all.


We gather.

We cry.

But, no one hears…

Except those who choose to learn the truth.

xxx ELODIA xxx

“I understand why your family is a bit much.” Luis commented as he sat down on my bed, “Did your grandparents truly think that I was your boyfriend?”

“Hey, I warned you. Even Devin had a problem with them.” I sighed, leaning against my wardrobe. Colver tugged on my sleeve and pointed at my coffee table. It was littered with desserts. Nodding, I watched as Colver walked over and went to grab some cookies.

“Your family is too much.” Devin commented, “Compared to a moggy, they are -” He cuts off when I threw a pillow at him.

“Hush you. And Colver, don't give Mr. Snowman a cookie. It's not good for him.” I turned to scold Colver who was attempting to give Mr. Snowman a cookie.

He mumbled something in return and walked over to me, holding out a cookie. Smiling, I took it and looked back to the duo.

“About tonight. Everything is set.” Devin explained from his spot on top my desk. It was littered with papers and work.

“Off the desk.” I sighed as I reached into my pocket, “Right. Thank god that QUILL overpowers TAME.” Taking out a small bag, I opened it and took pills out. After popping some into my mouth, I tossed the bag to Luis.

Colver looked over at me, but he knew that he can't have any. He gets sick after taking some, so now he's not allowed to have any. But, that never really stopped this kid. Seriously, the amount of times that I had to put off hanging with friends to take care of him keeps growing.

Looking over at Devin, he was placing the bag into his pockets. He had that knowing look that pissed me off because I did end up taking more than was needed for the event.

“Even if everything is set, we must figure out a backup plan” Luis stated, “If one of us gets captured, that is the end of it. We are dragonfly risk potentials and half of the guards know us by our aliases, so we must have some sort of plan.”

“Already done.” I started, “My shadows will give QUILL to all the risk threes, fours, and zeros. I managed to contact the majority of them, so they know that they're our backup. They understand that a majority of us will be forced back to Veskia.”

“Their signal?”

“Colver’s bow and arrow and the statue.” I answered simply, taking a bite of the cookie still in my hand.


I smiled and turned around, facing my wardrobe, cookie in my mouth. Opening it, I pulled out four outfits. Three being The Vanished; a simple one sleeved black hooded jacket, two with angel wings and one with devil wings on the back, jeans with one pant leg rolled up, and three bandanas. The fourth being a fancy formal suit and masquerade mask.

“Shall we get ready?”

Since it took us about thirty minutes to get ready; I blame Mr. Snowman for taking Luis’ mask and running around with it and my little twin siblings, Rai and Ria for stealing my bag with the supplies when I was changing in the bathroom down the hall. And the fact that we just realized that we were missing some extra cash.

“All set, now? Because it's going to be five thirty and we need to get to the capital…”

"We know... We know." I grumbled, "We have to take the back way out of the mansion. There's an underground tunnel that goes right to Caershire's, Purity Spire."

"Purity Spire?" Devin questioned.

"Cruoso's tower. Remember? Each country has a tower near its capital. Purity Spire is where we're ending the 'attack'." I explained shortly as we walked out of the room, “You should’ve known this already. After all, we had two amazing teachers.” I stopped by the dining hall and waved goodbye to my family.

My family knew what we were going to do, and all they did was wish me good luck and hoped that I wouldn't get caught by a certain someone. I knew who they meant; Dominik Holloway. I met him before and was stupid enough to give him my real name. At least, he had the decency to keep it a secret from others.

"How long is the underground pathway, Angel?" Luis asked as we get close to the entrance of the underground tunnel. We all knew that as soon as we entered, we had to put on our aliases; Devin being Devil's Light or Devil, Luis being Masque, Colver being Angel's Dove or Dove, and myself being Angel's Shadow or Angel.

"Well since Arkala and Caershire are about an hour apart, we can stop by the garage entrance down there to get your bikes which will take thirty since you both speed like el cucuy is after you. Dove can ride with you and I can ride with Devil." I explained, "Sounds good?"

"Seems alright. But, we need to find a place to hide our bikes.” Devin mentioned.

“We can have them near us.” Luis explained, “It’ll be an easy getaway.”

Nodding, I led them down the tunnel and took a left, coming upon a metal gate with a code lock. Smiling, I typed in the code.


Watching as the gate slowly opened and a car elevator came down. There the bikes stood stationary, filled with their needed fuel and packed with extra helmets.

Luis went to his motor with Colver. He fixed the helmet on Colver and I couldn't help, but laugh at how big it was on him. When Colver turned towards me, I could tell that he had a small smile. These were the moments that I live for, the good and the bad.

“Angel.” Devin called out towards me, holding out a helmet, “Let's get going.”

Nodding, I took the helmet and placed it on. Waiting for Devin to get onto his bike, I started to think as I prepared to get onto the bike.

There could have been a better way to do this...

xxx JOSHUA xxx

It was only five in the afternoon, so I decided to take a walk around town. I ended up over by Caershire, Cruoso’s capital. It was pretty packed, a bit more than usual.

I sent a text to Dominik since I brought the presentation notes with me.

Me: Hey, it's Joshua

Dominik: What

Me: I have the presentation notes with me

Dominik: And?

Me: Uh…

Me: Well, I'm in Caershire. I'll be at the café by your place

Dominik: Okay… I'll be there soon.

Dominik: Notes better be good

Sighing, I made my way down the street to the café near Dominik’s house. I thought that I recognized the girl and the kid from the zoo nearby, but I guess not.

Even though Dominik was a few minutes away, he going to take his sweet time and honestly, I don't care anymore. I just want this damn thing to end and never be around a councilman again.

I could hear laughter nearby and after recognizing it to be Dominik's. I looked over to the source and not only saw Dominik, but also the rest of the councilmen sons; Désiré, Carson, Mathies, and Chandler. If anyone would have been meeting them for the first time, they would think that they are brothers.

Chandler, for some reason, always had something out for me. Whatever I did, who knows. But, I honestly don't even understand him or why he shows so much interest.

"Oi, Joshie-boy!" I winced as soon as I heard Chandler called out to me.

"Erm... Hey guys." I greeted, taking the notes from my bag and holding them out towards Dominik.

He shuffled through them as Chandler sat down in the chair across from me. I was just hoping that he'll find them good enough and leave with these guys.

They were all talking about something, or someone. From what I could hear it was about illusioners and how their dads are terrible at responding to their attacks.

"My father needs to be more strict about their transport." Carson grumbled, "Expect maybe the girls..."

Dominik looked rather annoyed and glanced towards me with a rather pitiful look when Chandler stood up and walked towards me, placing his hand on top of my head.

"Notes are pretty good." Dominik grinned, "Looks like we'll be getting an A." He shot a look towards Chandler and turned towards the fountain by his place.

“Something up, Dominik?” Désiré asked.

“No.... Nothing.” Dominik answered. He sounded distant. Something was different when I looked over towards the fountain.

The praying statue ontop had its head backwards and I swear that I saw a shadowy figure standing on the wings.

“Fuck.” Chandler cursed, let his hand fall from my head, “Great way to make a point that we see backwards.” He was mocking the people who did this and I can guess who specifically.

“Is that someone on it?” I asked, not even realizing that I spoke aloud.

All eyes were on me and I just slowly sunk down into the chair. I didn't even care about this anymore, I just fucking spoke out of turn with Chandler around. I could have done it around others, but Chandler was a bit more strict about when those ‘below him’ can speak.

“What was that, Joshie-Boy?” Chandler questioned. He had that predatory grin on his face and I was scared.

Thankfully, I was saved by Mathies speaking up.

“The fuck... That's an illusioner!" He pointed towards the wing of the statute, where there was exactly what I thought I saw; a figure.

Soon I was dragged along as they went towards the statue among the rest of the crowd. Chandler made sure that I was by him the entire time and I wanted to get away.

I watched as the figure became clearer, revealing a girl. She looked like the girl I saw back at the zoo, but then again; dyed bangs are popular in the country of Cruoso.

"We will be feared!"

xxx DEVIN xxx

"Game time..." I called out to some illusioners as Elodia gave out the signal for the first part to go through.

We had this planned for weeks, a riot in front of Caershire's capitol building. Where the head councilman, Micheal Holloway lives. If we aimed at the other ones, it wouldn't cause much damage. But, if we aim at the big shot, we'll cause some.

"Isn't this a sight! A show girl." There Chandler shouted. I could see a guy next to him, rather submissive when Chandler looked towards him. I didn't recognize his face. But, the damn bloke didn't matter, it was the chavs next to him that did.

"Yes, quite a show. But, intermission hasn't started yet. It's quite rude to speak during such a show." Luis grinned, speaking before I can, his eyes glinting a bright red underneath his masquerade mask, "How improper of a councilman son to be so rude during a show."

"Shut it, you damn monster!" Chandler retorted.

"Monsters we may be. But, we remain stronger than you. Shame that us ‘monsters’ have better knowledge of the laws better than a councilman's son.” Luis mocked, “You should silence yourself before you make an even more fool of yourself.”


“Chandler, that's enough.” Oh look, Mr. Son of Holloway. My turn.

“Scared of some ‘monsters’?” I asked mockingly, making my way to the statue. I jumped up and sat on top of the other wing, glancing towards Elodia, she had a rather uninterested look on her face.

“No… But, I would like if you were to sto-” He was cut off when one of our bombs went off. Soon illusioners in the crowds started to shout.

“We no longer take this! We will fight for our freedom! We are Illusioners!”

It was utter chaos once the riot started. Elodia was using her shadows to protect the kids nearby and Luis seemed to be having fun for once with his attacks. Dove was hiding nearby, making sure that the other bombs were placed in their planned spots. He was by the bikes now, clearly waiting for his turn. I could see the glint of the arrow head from his bow, drawn and ready to shoot.

“Guards!” Dominik shouted, leading his friends away from the crowds. I smirked as guards surrounded them, protecting them from the illusioners.

I was about to make my way over when Elodia sped past. This wasn't part of our plan…

In the plan, I was supposed to get rid of the guards by the chavs, not her. Something isn't right.

xxx ELODIA xxx

I growled as the guards aim their guns at me. Last time I checked, their ammo did nothing to me. Sure I might bleed, but the pain is dulled by QUILL, so I had no need to worry.

“Nice today, isn't it?” I mocked, “Unless you want these guys with backward arms, call them off.”

“And give you an opening to attack?” Désiré asked, “Like hell, Dominik is going to do-”

“Leave her be…”

“What?! Dominik have you gone mad?”

“No. I want to hear what she has to say.” Dominik stated calmly, “She can be easy to tame.”

Tch, great acting asshole. Like I’ll ever believe that.

The guards slowly parted, leaving my not only to face the group, but also out of Devin’s sight. He’s not going to like what I’m doing and honestly, I don’t care.

Dominik slowly came forward, gently clicking his tongue to grab my attention.

And he did… A knife landed right between his feet, stopping him.

I made my way forward, eyes flashing silver and gold. As soon as I was about to speak, he lurched forward and grabbed me and held me tight.

“Fu-” A hand was slammed over my mouth. I could taste the bitterness of blood in my mouth from biting my cheek.

“It would have been better for us speak between an Ilusioner-proof wall.” Dominik growled as something was stabbed into my arm.

Hissing from the pain, I tried to get away. I could feel the QUILL wearing off. This wasn't supposed to happen. I should have followed the damn plan. Whatever he used on me, it stung like hell. I could see red on the ground and some bodies too, but it was all too hazy for me.

Fire was around, looks like Devin got pissed at me and went his own way. I attempted to get away once more, but failed as I grew weaker. My eyes slowly returned to their ice blue and blackness soon followed.

The End

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