Chapter Three - PillsMature

Bitter Tasting Pills

By Anonymous Author


Why do I feel the pain?

Why do I feel the numbness?

Why do I live?


I can't sleep.

I can't breath.

And I can't dream.

With these.


They has no use.

Besides give me,

a never-ending,



But, I take these…

These bitter tasting pills.

xxx JOSHUA xxx

"Uncle Devonshire! I'm home!" I called out, reaching down to slide my shoes off and throw them into the closet, "Uncle Deville?" Calling out once more, I wandered through the empty house. I looked in every room, even his office which is normally locked.

Where is he? Wasn't he the one that wanted me home anyways?

Sighing, I ended up walking to the kitchen to grab a drink and found a note on the fridge. Guess that my uncle had to leave the house for work this time.


I had to leave the house to go speak with the councilmen. I will be home late, so refrain from staying up, waiting for me.

There is enough ingredients to make yourself some dinner.

And do not forget to feed the piranhas todays meal. Especially Winny, she is acting rather moody today. And please remember to take your medication.

Your uncle,

Deville Devonshire.

"Again?" Shaking my head, I reached for the house phone that was next to the cereal containers and dialed some pizza joint. I didn't want to cook today, so might as well.

After ordering and putting the house phone back in it’s charging post, I made my way to my room. Walking into the dark room, I saw my pill case on top of my desk, on my presentation notes. I picked it up and twirled it between my fingers.

Sighing, I popped the cap off and shook out two pills into my hands. Carelessly tossing the case back onto my desk, I popped the pills into my mouth, wincing at the bitter taste of it.

"I hate these things..." I said to no one, but myself, "Seriously, why do I even need them anymore?" I've been taking these for years, and it's pretty funny that I don't even know what these are called or what they’re for.

Grumbling, I made my way into the living room and waited for the pizza to arrive. I decided to text Drayson while I wait. I pulled out my phone from my back pocket and unlocked it, opening my text messages.

Me: Drayson, you there?

Drayson: What up

Me: Nothing, you?

No response.

Me: Everything alright?

Me: Dray?

Drayson: Can't really talk...

Drayson: I'll talk later alright?

Me: Alright...

"Guess somethings up." I realized about how much I sighed today and seemed rather uninterested, until I heard a splash from behind me, "WINNY!" I shouted, already knowing the cause. Sometimes I even wonder why my uncle doesn't have her in a different tank, she's a piranha with illusioner-like abilities; such as apparently breaking the laws of physics and setting herself on fire in the water when she's mad, or creating a mini water vortex to kick fish out of the tank when she's hungry.

Getting up and running around the couch, I see one of the piranhas flopping about and saw a rather smug- Wait, can fish have a smug look on them? Nevermind, Winny was just being a smartass.

As I tried not to get bit by the flopping piranha, the doorbell rang, "I'll be there in a second!" Carefully I let the piranha fall back into the tank.

Running towards the door, I grabbed the money in the jar and opened the door, "Hi, uh... How much?"

"Ten fifty."

After counting and handing the money over including a tip, I took the pizza, "Thanks, drive safely."

The delivery man nodded and waved as he left the doorway. I heard another splash as I walked back. Groaning, I set the pizza on the coffee table and turned to the tank, "Winny, one more time and you're being placed in the solitary tank."

I went over to pick the piranha off the ground and placed it in the tank, "Let me get to the feed closet for the goldfish today." I smiled and went over to the kitchen.

Opening the closet door, I took count of the tanks with various live feed. Since my uncle takes care of all the feeders, he makes sure that none are sick and fed well, but honestly, I'm the one that does all the work.

Getting a jar, I went to pick out some goldfish for the piranhas. Taking notice, I realized that the cricket tank for the lizards was running low, so I made a mental note to order more.

Walking back, I see yet again, another piranha onto the ground, "Winny! This is the last time!" Setting the jar down, I grabbed the fishnet and tried to fish Winny out to put her in the solitary tank. It took a bit, but I managed to do it without her trying to jump out at me or setting the net on fire. After feeding, I finally sat down and managed to eat two slices of my pizza when my phone rang.

Groaning, I picked it up.

"Yes, uncle?"

"Did you feed the piranhas?"

"Yes. Winny was pretty moody, like you said."

"Medication? And I know."


"Are you alright?"

"Yes." I was getting rather bored of this and wanted to hang up, but he's family.

"I believe that you have read my note then."

"Of course."

"I'm going to be home later than what I expected. The councilmen require something from me."

"Oh... Sure."

xxx ELODIA xxx

Laughing, Colver and I watched as Devin and Luis argued over the pros and cons between a hoverbike and a motorbike. Literally, a hoverbike is just a motor without wheels to me and can go upside down in tunnels, but those two don't stop.

"Boys, knock it off. We all know that my hoverboard and hover skates beat those." I joked as Colver walked on ahead, still remaining in my sights.

"You can lose those easily!" Devin complained as we neared the train station. Colver slowed to a stop and waited for us to catch up and went over by me.

"Hoverboard compacts and skates don't really apply outside of Veskia." I mentioned as we went towards the electronic ticketing station, "I got a year pass for Colver and I, so it should be fine for us. What about you two?" I asked as I went ahead to buy the tickets.

"I paid for the train to get to Firefly Bites, so it's fair that you pay for this one." Luis mentioned, turning to face Devin.

"What?! Me! I don't even have any cash after the restaurant ripped us off during lunch!"

"Well, then you owe me."

"What!? These stupid tickets are a hundred each for Illusioners!"

"Oh, stop whining you big baby." I joked, "Come on Colver, let's get going. These two can figure out ticket stuff."

Colver nodded and walked with me as we took off to the loading zone to wait.

"Did you have fun?" I asked.

Colver nodded and gave a tilt of his head towards me.

"I did too. Even if my hands hurt from you dragging me around." I chuckled as red dusted onto Colver's cheeks "It's fine, kiddo. Anyways, the head chef at the mansion planned a dinner. We don't have to go since Firefly Bites is only five miles by hoverboard."

Colver shook his head. Looks like he wants to go to the mansion. And I have to admit, I kinda miss it myself even if my family actually sleeps in Firefly Bites. My grandparents on both sides live at the mansion; they’re good friends, so it didn't matter.

Colver tugged on my sweater and gave me a look. He was looking down into his free hand, holding the pill bottle.

"Right... TAME." I grumbled, "Here give me it." I popped the cap off the bottle and grabbed two, handing them to Colver along with a water bottle and took three myself, "Man, these things are bitter." Grumbling even more as I shoved the bottle into my pocket.

"No duh. Anything to make us pay for being Illusioners." Devin called out.

"Says you." I replied, "Will you be coming over today for dinner at the mansion?"

"I need to stop at the stop before yours to see my mum and then I'll go." Devin mentioned.

"I'll be joining you, Elodia." Luis smiled, "Your grandparents are fine people."

"Oh god! You may have been my childhood friend, but you've only seen them a couple times!"

"I understand, but from what your fathers have told me, they are rather fine people."

"I swear..."

xxx DEVIN xxx

Getting off the train, I waved a goodbye to Luis, Colver, and Elodia and headed off. I did get some stares as I walked through the train station, but seeing my Mum comes first.

I took out my phone and went to call her. I waited for a bit until I heard her voice.

"Devin! How are you?"

"Fine, mum. How about you and the shop?"

"Oh just wonderful! Been getting plenty of sales for bouquets. March is the busiest month for spring.... Speaking of which, what about E-"

"Mum, no! She is only just a friend and only that!"

"But, you do care about her."

"She's a friend." Seriously, what's with my mum and wanting me to date Elodia?

"She is just a little twee!"

"Mum, she is not cute or delicate! Trust me." I sighed, continuing my way down the street once I left the station. I walked past some stores, some things catching my eyes until I read that the lot of them were closed for renovations.

"When you visit her, I'll send you some flowers." Great, my mum completely ignored what I said.

"Mum..." Knowing that I can't argue, I shook my head and sighed, "Alright, but if you had to know, she's better than the dammed chavs that I see around Veskia."

"Devin Batts Dalton, language!"

"Sorry mum. Say when I get to the house, can I take a nap on the couch. After today, I'm pretty knackered." I normally don't say, knackered, but only when I'm talking with family and I try to shy away from certain slang words so I don't get an ear-bashing.

"Of course dear!" Crashing was heard in the background, making me a bit worried, until I heard a familiar voice yell.

"God fucking damnit! This dammed plonk gone all manky"

"Grandpa Alfie?" I asked, "He's mad as a bag of ferrets over some cheap wine, isn’t he?" I joked.

"You know him, he's just barmy."

"Right, nevermind about the nap then." I chuckled, imagining my grandpa legless and falling over multiple times in his drunken state, "I'll be there soon. Tell Grandmum Elizabeth, that I said hi."

“Of course. No fighting.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I shook my head as I hung up. I didn't realize that I was already on my street. Then again, the station isn't far from my house.  

Checking the time, I realized that I had to take the pills. Even though the don't work on me, I have to log it in. The system is too easy to hack, so I can log it in later.

Upon arriving to my house, I get about eighteen pounds of white fluff and I think some snow, into my stomach. Catching myself in the doorway, I laughed as Mr. Snowman circled around me as I walked in.

“Sweetie!” There my mum, Felicity, stood. Smiling and covered in flour. Looks like she was baking. One look at Mr. Snowman and she shook her head, “That dang moggy caused a blizzard in your room again.”

I chuckled as I lifted him up. He started to rub his face into mine. “I can bring him with me when I head back since his abilities are getting stronger. Thanks for watching him mum.” Hugging her, I hear my grandparents.

“How are you, Devin?” My grandmum asked, hugging me and petting Mr. Snowman.

“About fine. Right bud?” I poked Mr. Snowman’s face. He’s been with me since I was three, but animals with Illusioner abilities live longer than average. My dad got him for me, a month after he divorced my mom. He took my brother and sister since I wanted to stay with mom.

“What about that twee, Elodia?” My grandpa asked.

“One; she isn't delicate at all. She can kick…” I trailed off after seeing my mum's glare towards me,  “I mean she can handle herself and two, she's at her family's mansion. I'm going to have  dinner at her house.” It was only four in the afternoon, but we had something planned before we head back to Veskia.

“Of course dear. But, go gather your stuff. Your bag is on your bed.”

Nodding, I set Mr. Snowman down and walked off towards my room. He bounded past me and into my room. I could hear my mum shout down the hall about snow.

“On my last day?” I started as I went ahead to pack my stuff, “Don't get me in trouble.” I ruffled Mr. Snowman’s head and went to grab his carrier from the top of my bookshelf. It was specifically made for him, since he can produce snow, it had to be waterproof for when it melts.

I can't stop thinking about the things I’ve been hearing when I was walking here. Riots done by Illusioners, but only small ones. The only question is…

When will be the one to end it all?

The End

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