Chapter Two - ParadeMature

By Anonymous Author

I hear laughter of many.
Who laugh at me.
And only me.

I do not understand why.
Why do they laugh?
Do they not know?

I am like them.
I follow those.
Who choose to lead.

So, no more laughter.
At our little,

xxx DEVIN xxx

Colver and Elodia seemed happy. It's been awhile since I last seen the two actually smile. Hell, even laugh despite Colver's attempt to hide it. He was busy dragging Elodia around the zoo towards the petting zoo while Luis and I lagged behind.

"He seems rather excited." Luis commented as Colver pointed out to a giraffe sticking its head through a hole in it's enclosure, leading Elodia towards it so he can pet it.

"This kid and animals... Did I tell you that he brought around twenty kittens to the base?" I couldn't complain much then, since I myself have a liking to cats. Least they don't drool as much and I did let them stay in my room and even named them.

"He did?"

"Gave me the puppy eyes. Seriously, who can say no to that kid?"

"The Bowman's."

Chuckling, I nodded. Talin and Vienna raised us since we were young. And I definitely remember Vienna getting mad at Elodia and I for fighting half the time and Talin getting hurt because of him trying to stop us.

"That's not really right, Talin can't say no. Look how we all turned out. All of us leaders of gangs." I stated. Leaning against a wall, eyes centered on Elodia and Colver.

"That is true." Luis gave a shake of his head before smiling, "How's Corbin?"

I turned towards him. Rather confused as to why he is suddenly asking this question since he should know the answer.

"His fault for picking a fight with the guards." I grumbled. It really was. If that damn brat stopped fucking around and picking fights then he would be here with us. But, no. He had to pick a fight with a damn guard.

"And he was supposed to be with you." Luis commented.

"Sod off." I snapped, eyes flashing violet, gaining unwanted attention from others around me. Of fucking course, I get looks. I'm a damn Illusioner, some monster that they need to fear.

Honestly, what's the matter with these people. I hate the fact that this is even a thing. But right now, this didn't matter. It's our last day in the main city and we wanted to make the most of it, and that's not by being treated like freaks.

"Keep calm, Devin. Picking a fight on our last day is not wise." Luis warned, "And we're on TAME anyways."

I shook my head, "TAME doesn't work on me anymore. I'm resistant to it." Flashing a grin, I looked towards Elodia who was waving over to me. I gave a wave back before looking back to Luis.

"I'm surprised that no one is saying anything..."

"That we should be the ones in the cages? I do understand that thought of yours."

"What's with the formal speak? Can't you try to at least be a bit more fun?"

Luis gave me a rather annoyed look. Honestly, can this guy even try to be a bit more fun? I may be rough, but at least I'm not formal every damn sentence.

"I'd rather not." Luis replied, before turning to watch some kids run around until pointing towards two guys that we knew very well.

"Well, fuck. What are those chavs doing here?" I growled, staring right at Chandler Caldwell and Dominik Holloway. I could really care less about these guys, but seeing how they are the councilman's sons, I have a bit of a war against them

"Caldwell and Holloway have a liking towards Elodia, don't they?" Luis commented as the duo were pointing at her and speaking among each other.

I made a move towards them, but felt a hand grab onto my shoulder. I turned towards Luis, giving him a look and sighing, I stepped back.

"It's not wise to pick fights with them... Again, it is our last day."

"Shut up, Lu." I growled, "I can't wait to get back to Veskia."

We stood there in silence for a bit. Watching Elodia and Colver by the giraffe, completely forgetting about the petting zoo. I was surprised that Colver wasn't dragging her straight to it. I guess that the giraffe was more important. I chuckled a bit as Elodia ruffled Colver's hair when he gave a rather wide smile, it was one of his rare ones. One where we all knew that it was true.

Bringing my attention back to Luis, he was busy reading a book. I could read half of the title, it was something something Ladybug. My guess was that it's a romance novel or something like that.

I ended up taking my phone out to talk to Sho.

[CHAT] Devils-Light has logged on

Me: Sho, you there?

[CHAT] Blitz has logged on

Sho: Nothing is on fire I swear!

Me: Funny... how are you

Sho: Well done

Me: You're worse than Kelpie

Sho: At least you laugh @ my jokes

Me: No I don't

Sho: On the inside you do

Me: ...

Sho: So Devil's Light what about you

Me: Wanting to get back

Me: Also wanting to pick a fight with two assholes

Sho: Dagger and Bullet aren't out of Veskia tho

Me: Other 2 assholes

Sho: O...

Me: Yeah

Sho: Least its your last day

Sho: Hows your ma

Me: She wouldn't stop the hugs

Me: Love her though

Sho: She has good food

Me: I am not brining any food back

Me: I can't anyways

"They disappeared."

"What?" I looked back to where the giraffes were to see the Elodia and Colver missing, "Petting zoo."

Me: Elodia and Colver took off, we gotta find them

Sho: Bye bye

[CHAT] Blitz has logged off

[CHAT] Devils-Light has logged off

"Where else would they go? There's a new deer." Luis stated, "Shall we go to catch up?"

xxx ELODIA xxx

"Colver, wait!" I called out to him. Honestly, for someone who doesn't talk much or even show any emotion, he can run pretty fast.

Colver slowed to a stop, giving me a tiny smile as I caught up. He seemed excited to seem the new deer, and I was thankful that Luis didn't mention that it was albino or else I would have to chase this kid down.

Smiling back at him, I knelt down and fixed his pitch black hair that was covering his right eye only for it to fall back into place.

"You need a haircut. We'll stop by the Bowman's to give you one." I commented, standing back up and grabbing his hand, "Come on."

Colver, per usual, says nothing. He just simply walked by the side as we neared the petting zoo. It wasn't too far, just past the lion fountain. I didn't really like much of this zoo besides the fountain and the petting zoo, but it was all for Colver.

"No sneaking out any little piggies, alright?" I joked, ruffling his hair.

He nodded in return and ran right into the area with me having to follow him tiredly. I took a glance at the program on the barn wall to see that the albino deer will be let out in about an hour.

"An hour in here... Welp, I guess that I can sit on the bench and watch him from there." I caught up to Colver, "Colly, I'm gonna sit on a bench nearby okay? Be careful."

Colver nodded and watched me make my way to the bench before walking off towards some sheep. I did feel slightly bad for leaving him on his own, but as long as I can see him, it'll be fine. It's not like I've never done this before.

Taking a seat on the bench, my eyes followed Colver as he went back and forth between the animals. He even had some little goats following him around, reminded me of a parade. This kid and his habit of drawing animals to him. It was rather funny to see all the little toddlers asking their parents about Colver and why was he begin followed by these 'tiny horses'.

I smiled and waved towards him. Waving back, he continued to walk around, finding some ducks and their babies.

Hearing the small ding alert coming from my phone, I quickly took it out to answer. Smiling as it was some friends messaging me on AMP-ZONE. It was a simple message app that the members of the Amphitheater Actors, created for us gangs. Now that I think about it, they created half the technology we have in Veskia.

[CHAT] Allure has logged on

[CHAT] Kelpie has logged on

[CHAT] Flightless-Wing has logged on

Kenta: Hey

Kamryn: Good evening my beauties!

Lai: Hello

[CHAT] Angels-Shadow as logged on

Me: Hola

Kenta: How are things?

Me: Fine

Me: At the petting zoo

Kamryn: Aww, does little Dovey have a tiny following?

Me: Yeah. One sec.

[CHAT] Angels-Shadow posted a photo

Kenta: Adorable.

Kamryn: Well isn't he just the cutest.

Lai: How cute.

Me: Right!

Me: Our last day too

Me: Can't wait to see you all again

Lai: Right, we are all busy. We should head off now.

Kenta: Agreed

Kamryn: Bye my beauties!

[CHAT] Kelpie has logged off

[CHAT] Flightless-Wing has logged off

[CHAT] Allure has logged off

[CHAT] Angels-Shadow has logged off

I couldn't stop smiling. As much as I hate how Veskia is considered a living hell, I miss my friends. I miss my family and all, but being raised outside of them doesn't really fit me.

Sighing, I looked towards Colver who was helping some five-year-olds brush a goat without being gnawed on.

xxx JOSHUA xxx

I shook my head when we entered the petting zoo. Drayson was grinning all the way from the very start. And he took off straight towards the horses.

"How am I friends with an overactive five-year-old?" I chuckled to myself and walked around. I could see the various animals in any petting zoo; pigs, sheep, goats, birds, even a little rabbit pen. The horses were in stables and seemed rather calm about kids pulling their manes.

It was going to be a good thirty minutes until the new deer is released. They were gonna let someone name it too, and I was kinda curious.

I made my way towards a food dispenser and put some coins in. As soon as the pellets landed in my hands, I was surrounded by animals.

"Woah! He-Hey! Slow down." I laughed giving some to each of them. I couldn't help, but smile at the fact that I had so many by me. And as soon as I ran out of some food, some still followed me around until realization that I had none left.

I could see the kid that was looking at me earlier had a little train of animals following him. He had a small smile on his face as he was helping some toddlers with brushing the goats.

Honestly, I was surprised that he even had that many following him without food.

It was until twenty-five minutes later, I saw the kid pull a girl towards the a small pen. Taking notice of a petting zoo employee setting the pen up.

"Drayson, I'm going to check the deer out." I called out.

"Got it! I'll hang with these sheep."

As I made my way towards the pen, I could see the kid gesture towards the ice-cream cones with food pellets. They were about five dollars.

"Sorry. I don't have cash." The girl sighed, "You’ll have to make do with petting the deer."

The kid looked dejected and I kinda felt sorry for him. He wanted to feed the deer and I didn’t realizing that I was reaching in my pocket for some extra cash and walking towards them.

Kneeling down, I smiled softly at the kid. The girl seemed a bit skeptical of me, but let me near the kid.

"Do you want to feed the deer? I have some cash and maybe if your big sister lets me, I can give you some money.”

The kid turned towards the girl and gave a pleading look. And that was when I noticed the lanyards. The girl was a risk zero and the boy a risk three.


"Something wrong?" The girl growled, "We don't want the pity cash."

"Sorry, I uh... Didn't mean to um... Uh, look can I buy him the feed or not?"

"His choice not mine." The girl grumbled.

The kid turned towards me and nodded, rather happily. And smiling back, I gave him the five and watched him walk off.

"Again sorry... I uh." Shit, in my presentation I had an interview with an Illusioner, but the one in the labs, not an actual one.

"Nevermind." The girl grumbled, "Thanks..."

The kid came back and just in time for a small fawn to make its way out to into the pen.

"What a beautiful albino deer." The girl commented as she gently shoved the kid towards the pen. With me following behind, I entered after them. It was slightly cramped as more people filled the small pen.

The employee greeted us and the others before speaking.

"Welcome. This is our new albino deer."

I heard a little squeak and turned towards the girl and the kid. He looked up at the girl and was smiling from ear to ear. I looked back to the employee when the fawn made a small bleating noise.

"And this little guy needs a name... How about..." The employee looked around before pointing at the kid, "How about you little buddy, got a name for him?"

The kid looked back at the girl before turning back, "Glacia..."

"Hmm, now that's a pretty name. That's a great name, kiddo."

Yeah, that is actually kinda cute. The kid slowly walked up to the employee with the other kids and reached out to pet him. I watched as each of the kids asked silly questions and as the fa- no Glacia, ate from the cones that they held.

Before the employee set the Glacia down to let him roam around, he sent the more rowdy kids out to prevent injuries. The employee then gently placed Glacia down

I smiled as he came towards me and nuzzled my hand. He was going back and forth between the kids, but spent more time around the Illusioner child; eating from his hand and following him around.

I chuckled and walked out of the pen, waving goodbye to the kid before I ended up finding Drayson on a bench, trapped by sheep and goats. A couple ducks were on his lap and he seemed rather annoyed that he couldn’t get up because of this.

"And I thought that kid was the animal tamer, look at you man!" I joked, gently shooing the animals away.

"Yeah, yeah... Funny." Drayson grumbled, "Let's go man, your uncle called and wanted you home."

"Why didn't he call me?"

"Your phone's ringtone is off, remember?"

The End

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