Chapter One - BelongMature


By Anonymous Author


Where do I belong?

In this dark, cold world.

Where there's no peace.

No love.

No life.


Surrounded by a sea of hate.

Surrounded by nothing.


Yet, I can see.

See through the blurred lines.

Through the hate.

Through nothing.


I can see my home.

Those who I call,


And where I,



Here Alone

By Anonymous Author

Call me names,

I do not care.

Take me down,

I do not care.


Freak. Monster.

Beast. Worthless.

I will stand strong.


These words do hurt.

But, they make stronger.


So, keep calling me names.

I will live through them

Because, I know where I belong.

I belong here.

And here alone...


xxx ELODIA xxx




"Go back to where you came from!"

"Your family must be so ashamed of you..."

Shut up... Shut up... SHUT UP! I mentally screamed to myself. Gripping the edges of my book, it took me some time to actually calm down and not throw it at someone's head. Can't they bother some other poor soul? I'm not the only one visiting from Veskia. I could hear many others, getting called out, being harassed, abused, and tormented. I can hear their voices aching to be free from this Hell. But, once that law went into place - Everything went downhill.

That stupid law, where those who are deemed, Illusioners, must leave their homes, friends, and family to live in some cursed land, called Veskia. I will never understand why, but I do know that if one shows just one speck of a 'supernatural' ability, they get sent away. Honestly, what of the kids? They get taken away as soon as their eye color changes. That's just plain sick, but hey... That's reality of human nature.

I felt a tugging at my sleeve and looked over to see Colver with a slight frown on his face. Even with a blank eyes, I knew what he was trying to say.

"I know..."

"Hey freak! Shouldn't you be in some dump?" Looking up from my book, I saw a rather tall teenager in front of me. He had rather messy blonde hair and honestly, I could care less about him and his gang.

"Funny because shouldn't you be bothering some poor girl into dating an idiotic bastard like yourself before breaking her heart?" I retorted back, returning my gaze to my book as Colver took a sip from my tea. I finally found a nice spot for Colver and I to hang around and now it's ruined.

The teen clicked his tongue in annoyance. Looks like I hit a nerve, was it because I killed his ego, or because I'm not caring about his presence.

"I'm not the one with freakish abilities." He growled, taking a seat in front of me, right across the table. Colver's own cup of water spilled from the shaking of the table. "I bet your friends and family hate you. Just go back to that dump or end it now, would be better for everyone if you did."

If I wasn't on TAME, a drug to keep an Illusioners abilities down, I would have brought this damn asshole an inch close to death. But, no... When anyone from Veskia is allowed to visit any city, they have to wear some stupid lanyard with an I.D. and are required to take either VIBE or TAME, depending on their risk.

This may have been my fault, but I wasn't going to take this shit from anyone.

"Look here asshole, I could honestly care less about you and your 'friends'." Shooting a look towards his friends, who visibly flinched as they noticed a change in my eyes. I turned back to the teen as I handed Colver a towel, "But when you bring my friends and family into this, you don't know who the fuck you're messing with. If I were to off myself, my friends from Veskia would do the same since I keep them sane. My family? They would off anyone just mentioning about my death being a good cause." Placing my book down, I sent a cold stare at the teen, "I am much stronger than you will ever be, but consider yourself lucky that I am on that damn drug to keep my abilities down, because believe me when I say that I could send you flying to the next town over. Now scat before I show you what I learned in Veskia."

Watching with cold silver and gold eyes, the teen and his friends took off. Yelling about me threatening to attack them and shit like that. Sighing, I slid further down into my chair, not wanting to move if the guards come. I let my eyes return back to their ice cold blue before turning to Colver as I reached for my book.

"Let's go, Colver."

Devin and Luis are late... Those fucking assholes. Where could they be?

xxx DEVIN xxx

I grinned like a maniac when I saw the last guy hit the wall. Honestly, who do they think they are; We are stronger, faster, more skilled, and maybe more human than them. We have supernatural abilities, not them, yet we are considered to be inferior to them.

"I think that we gave them a reason not to mess with us. What do ya think, Masque?" I looked towards the long dark brown haired male next to me.

"Honestly, you were too rough. And don't call me, Masque outside of Veskia. It's Luis." Luis sighed, "It's past three, we should've met Elodia by now."

"She can handle herself. Elodia is strong and you know that." I started, dusting myself off, "Got a towel? I got some blood on me." Gently tugging at the dark red spot on my left sleeve, I sighed.

I just got this too...

"Here." Luis handed me that handkerchief that he always carried, it's slightly torn, but it never mattered to him.

"Thanks." I dabbed the spot to get most of it out, "Guess I have to wash this later, huh?"

"Right, warm water should do the trick. One of Elodia's fathers can help." Luis gave a soft smile as he tied his hair back up into the short ponytail. Both him and Julio always had their hair up, expect Julio's being a bit longer by an inch or two.

Handing back the handkerchief, I sighed. "Let's get going before these bastards wake up and call us out. Text Elodia that we'll head over to Firefly Bites."

"Already done."

"Work fast, huh?"

"Let's just get going." Luis grumbled. He seemed pretty annoyed at something. Whatever it was, it sure was something different.

Walking down towards the entrance of the alleyway, my phone went off.

"Yeah?" Answering, I already knew who it was.

"Where the fuck are you!" Yup... Elodia.

"On our way. Luis texted you. We had to stop to do something."

"Stop picking fights and get your ass to the - Colver, don't... One second, Colly just burned himself."

I shook my head as the sound of Elodia's phone hitting the tablet as she went to tend to Colver's burned hand. I decided to put her on speaker for when she returned.

"Something wrong?" Luis asked as we neared the train station.

"She's pissed as heck and Colver burnt himself... Again." I stated, "You done tending to Colver?"

"Yeah, he's fine now. Sugar does the trick for anything related to burns." Elodia spoke, "Speaking of which..."

"No. You cannot pour sugar on Sho." Luis called out, "We're buying our tickets now."

"Was that Luis? Wasn't he denied a pass?"

"That was Corbin."

"Right... I gotta run. Some idiot is ranting about something outside the door and the shop's closed. Colver, don't go anywhere!"

Before I could even say bye, she hanged up. Grumbling, I shoved my phone back into my pocket and grabbed the ticket from Luis.

"That was quick."

"As opposed to you, I am much more gentler with how I act towards others."

"Says the guy who is close to vomiting at the sight of blood."

"Silence you..."

xxx ELODIA xxx

Falling back into the chair, I placed my head in my hands. Damario just left with his friends to hang out and that guy from before was just a damn drunkard. Sadly, Colver and I couldn't leave since we're waiting for two certain assholes.

"Colver, can you grab me the notepad from the boutique register?" I asked. The twins were with my dads, so it just left Colver and I alone. And he just nodded and went to do what I had asked when the bakery kitchen doors opened.

"Anybody home?"

"About time assholes." I grumbled, "Forget the notepad, Colver. Go hang out around town, try to make some friends."

Colver just stood there. He didn't move. Not this again... He always does this and I am kinda worried for his mental health. Colver is always around me and I never know what to do with him when we aren't in Veskia.

"Colver, I believe that I saw a new deer at the zoo." Luis spoke up from the doorway. I turned to him and Devin before looking back to Colver, who gave me a tilt of his head. His eyes looked a bit bright.

"It is our last day here. Might as well head to the zoo." I smiled softly and went to grab my coat and Colver's, "Come here." I called out to Colver as I placed my coat on.

Colver walked up to me and I placed his black coat on. Thanks to my dad, Kadri, he has a new set of clothes just for him.

"Ready?" Devin asked as we walked towards them. He held an apple in his hand. Of course, why not be an asshole even more and eat an apple out of all these baked goods we got here.

Colver just smiled big and I shook my head thoughtfully, "Yeah..." Colver grabbed my hand as we left and I just smiled thoughtfully, "Your bikes are still in the garage."

"We know. My hover and Luis's motor." Devin stated, "They got fuel in them. Thanks for holding onto them."

"Yeah yeah... Get them out so we can head to the zoo. Colver, stop squeezing my hand please. It's starting to hurt."

xxx JOSHUA xxx

I shook my head as Drayson flirted with some girl by the meerkat hideaway. We decided to hang out at the zoo, since my uncle got us free passes from his job. I was kind of disappointed when he said that he couldn't join us. I guess work was too busy.

"Yo! Joshie, I got her number!" Drayson came bounding towards me with a large smile on his face, "You gotta thank your uncle for me!"

"You already told him a hundred times." I sighed, "Can we just go eat now?"

"You paying?" He asked as we walked towards the food court.

"For my half. You wasted half of my cash yesterday for a movie."

"But, it was Two Sides Of West. It was cheap."

"Twenty dollars for a single ticket is not cheap." I stated firmly.

"Come on, Joshua. You have to admit, it's was a good film. Anyways, I feel like having some --" He cuts off, giving a glare towards the hot dog kiosk, "I thought he hated 'beasts'..."

I turned my head towards where he was looking and saw the head councilman's son, Dominik Holloway. He was in half of my classes at school, but he never really hung around people besides the rich, like him.

"You know who he was referring to." I sighed and slowly moved to push Drayson to the indoor food court.

"Yeah, I know..." Grumbling, he let me push him through the doors. When it was our turn, he just ordered a pepperoni pizza and myself a cheese. Taking a seat in the outdoor tables, I took notice of a kid staring at me.

"Dude, what's with him?"

I shrugged and took a bite out of my pizza. Kids always felt a liking to me, they never really seemed to be scared of me. To be quite honest, I wasn't too fond of too many staring or swarming me.

"Hey Joshie-boy." Well shit... Dominik was coming our way.

"Screw off, Holloway." Drayson growled towards him before I could even say anything.

"Was I talking to you?" Dominik snapped before turning back to me, "Did you finish our science project or what?"

I could only nod in hopes of him leaving. About two weeks ago, we were assigned to be partners for a science project because he was failing and I had the highest grade in the class. Add in the fact that I'm the only one that the teacher deemed to be able to work with him... Not really, I ended up doing the work.

"Great... Be sure to send me those note cards for the presentation."

Nodding again, I sighed as he left. Not even realizing that I was holding my breath when he came up. "I don't even know what to say anymore...."

"Let him fail."

"If he fails, I fail." I sighed, "Plus it's something that I'm interested in; the science behind Illusioners. My uncle does work around them."

"Right... Say, after we're done, want to go to the petting zoo?"

"Sure. I want to see the new albino deer."


The End

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