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"We will be feared."
Ten years after the EXILE law, Illusioners are still being sent to Veskia, a ruined city island. Gangs have formed throughout the years, with eleven of them being the strongest. Yet, the Dragonfly Risk Illusioners that lay among them are rare and are almost taken away by the government.
Riots and protests break out after the first large riot and are getting worse with each passing week. And Illusioners are being aimed at, slowly disappearing.

True Monsters
By Talin Bowman

Why hate them?
Why exile them?
Why must you make them suffer?

They have souls,
Like us.
They have hearts,
Like us.
They love,
Like us.

They are like us,
In every way.
There is no difference,
That I can see.

Why should they suffer?
Be treated like animals,

We are the monsters.
To send them away.
To make them suffer.

We are the animals.
Caged in our own opinions.
To hold a never-ending hatred to them.

Why should they be sent away?
Torn from their families.
Torn from their lives.

Who are the true monsters?


“Something must be done! These monsters must go!”

“Some of them are children! Children with a future. We can't just off them!”

“They cause nothing, but trouble.”

“Did you not hear me? Some are children, many no older than five!”

“Fine… We can just send them away somewhere.”

“They need their parents!”

“Look here, Talin Bowman. We can’t let them live here, they are going to kill someone one day. They have supernatural abilities, and they are going to use that against us.”

Talin sighed in defeat, the council wasn’t lying. Sooner or later, the Illusioners will go up against everyone. There’s nothing to be done, it was either total war or send them away. Nothing in between.

“Alright, Councilmen. The isles of Veskia are filled with ruins. If you will not off them then send them there. It’s far from here.” Talin stated firmly.

“Seems like we have come to an agreeme-”

“But.... They must be allowed to have contact and visit their families and friends every once in awhile.”

“Mr. Bowman! You know that there will be riots and -”

“It’ll be worse if you don’t let them. Trust me, it will keep them sane.”

“Fine. But, they have to wear a required I.D with name and level on it, along with taking the TAME drug to suppress their abilities. Places of business will be allowed to deny service to Illusioners.”

Talin was silent before agreeing, knowing full well that this was as far as he can go. Turning on his heel and walking away. Thankful that the future generations of Illusioners will live, but on the back of his mind was something rather worrying.

How will they react? Who’s gonna take care of the kids?


“We need to talk.”

A hand waved up from the top of the computer from across the room. It was dimly lit, only a single lamp and computer screen lit the room.

“About what?”

Sighing, Talin slowly made his way towards his towards the desk. Stepping over various stacks of books and paper, he paused shortly by the desk. He looked at the figure, his wife, for a bit before speaking.

“New law. The EXILE law. All Illusioners, Risk Three and above will all be ordered to live on Veskia. Risk ones can stay. Risk twos have an option.” Talin stated.

“What?” His wife shouted, “Don't they know that this is just going to make it worse. To think that I work for these bastards.” Still facing the computer screen, she went to click on some files.

"Vienna, I know that you don't you like this new law as much as I do, but I just wanted you to know that we'll be fostering some kids." Talin explained.

"What?" Vienna looked up from the screen, giving Talin a rather serious look, "How many are we talking?"

"Around seven..." Rubbing the back of his neck, Talin gave a sheepish look.

"Seven!" Papers flew as Vienna suddenly stood up, hands slamming onto the table, "Wait... Illusioners?"

Talin nodded, "It was that or complete isolation from their families. They get visiting rights at least."

"Seven..." Vienna slowly slunk back into her chair, "Children."

“There's more, but they are being sent to a home on a hover train and arriving within two days.” Talin explained, “Ours will arrive tomorrow.”

Watching Vienna with soft eyes, she seemed rather calm. She seemed to be thinking, looking towards her computer screen.

"Alright... Let's get the place ready."

The End

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