The start...

A story about a woman who meets a man online and then travels to meet him in person.


Michelle met Yousef on the internet. They eventually arranged to meet, in Yousef's country Sesai Kingdom.
The heat was sweltering when Michelle left the plane and walked across the scorching tarmac to the passenger bus.  The jeans and cardigan she wore clung to her. She'd packed her winter coat into her carrier bag after boarding in London, it was bulky under her arm making the heat more cloying.  The heat in Africa was like entering a sauna, like nothing she'd experienced before.  Michelle was lucky to be at the front of the queue at customs. The heavyset customs official took ages going through each person's documents.  When Michelle reached the front of the queue she glanced at the official, who had an imposing look about him.  He beckoned and she strode over to the booth.
"Passport," he stated, his beady eyes appraised her. At fifty-two she could pass for half her age. Michelle still had natural blonde hair and a defined bone structure that enhanced her large blue eyes.
He took her passport from her, and paged through it.
"First time in Sesai Kingdom?" he asked
"Enjoy your stay," he said, handing her passport back
"Next!" he called out and Michelle began following the baggage claim signs.
The airport was small and there was only one conveyor belt for luggage. Monarch Airways luggage was due and she sat on a nearby bench. A group of American tourists sat next to her, their voices carrying across the room. Michelle watched other passengers arriving and gathering by the conveyor. Although she tried to relax, the tension was building up inside her. Once she had picked up her bag and walked through the arrival door Yousef would be there. Or would he?                        
The bags came out and she walked to stand near the conveyor. Within minutes hers was in front of her, fast. As she walked toward the arrival gates her steps felt almost as light as her heart that was skipping at a rate. The arrival area came into clear focus as she turned through the gate and was crowded. She walked to the centre of the room and stood for a moment getting a gauge of her surroundings.
She turned round and Yousef stood there.
He looked even better in person.

The End

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