Chapter Four: Cole

Stephanie was everywhere. In every one of my classes. It was really strange. The biggest thing that kept tipping me off was that she was never actual there... Which was strange.

You know that look people get? When they're just somewhere in their head? Well she had that look on all the time. Even now, when I climbed on to the bus. And just my luck, the only open seat was next to Stephanie.

I'm sure she's a great girl but she doesn't talk to anyone. Not a single person spoke to her all day long. All day. Even normal introverts at least talk to one person.

The bus bumped along over the road and I put my hand on the seat in front of me to keep me steady.

I glanced over at Stephanie and raised an eyebrow. Her hands were moving slightly as if she was trying to do something.

"You okay over there?" I asked her bumping her shoulder lightly to get her attention.

 She sat up straighter and looked over at me. "I'm fine." She said softly before turning back to look out the window.

I frowned at her. Forget this.  Obviously this was going to be a long bus ride home.

I pulled out my headphones out of my bag and turned on some music. Letting it dull the world around me.


The End

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