Chapter Three: Stephanie

The sun is setting just as I step foot on the village grounds. There's people everywhere, trying to get home before the darkness fills the sky. I ask around for the inn but no ones seems to hear me or pay any attention to me. I'm exhausted and hungry and just want a place to lay me head and rest. 

I step into the bus and look around for my seat. I sigh to myself as I sit and close my eyes. 

I finally find the Inn. It's small and dirty, but it's the only one in town. I order some food and drink and find a booth. I eat my dinner slowly, relishing it. Finally, I finish and ask about a room. They tell me there isn't one. 

I'm so weary I just burst into tears. I fall to my knees, sobbing. 

"Excuse me?"

I look up. It's that boy again, the one from science class. I vaguely recall swing him in some of my other classes as well. 

"Can I sit here?" He asks. "It's the only open seat."

I don't reply. He just shrigs and takes a seat beside me. 

A woman, not much older then myself, comes up then and touches me on the shoulder. I wipe my eyes and look at her. She tells me that there's an extra bed in her room if I don't mind splitting the bill in half with her. I eagerly agree and she shows me to the room. 
It's small, but it'll do. 

The End

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