Chapter One: Stephanie

Stephanie lives in her own world. But what happens when someone else starts to make their way in?


The arrow flies through the air, hitting the man right in the chest. I hold my breath as he falls, praying he didn't see me. His head hits the ground and I release the breath. I slowly, carefully, walk over to examine my work. He's not dead, but he'll be out for a while. I smile to myself and continue on my way.

I can see the village down below me. Hopefully I can make it the rest of the way down the mountain before the sun sets. I strap my bow onto my back and start on the path. 

I walk for a while before a noise disturbs me. I jump and immediately reach for my bow. 

"Miss Scott!" I hear even louder and grumble. My science teacher is standing in front of my desk. I look up at him.

"Yes, Mr. Chief?"

"I'd like you to meet Mr. Martin. He's new here and will be your lab partner."

I look up at the boy through my frizzy black bangs. He's tall and obviously plays a sport of some kind. I don't care enough to try and figure out what sport it could be. 

He smiled softly and gives me a small wave as he sits down. His brown hair is cut short and his green eyes reflect his nervousness. "Hi, I'm Cole."

"Stephanie." Is my simple reply. Then I turn away from him, going back to my work. 

I take a deep breath and strap my bow back on my back. Humming a soft tune, I continue making my way down the mountain. 

The End

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