Anger ManagementMature

In spite of herself, Annie could feel her face get hot. She turned to see her husband leaning against the door, his arms crossed over his chest.

"What the hell are you talking about?" she voice dripped with venom. "And why aren't you at work?"

Bill raised his arm, pointed at her. "I know all about your little affair."

"Affair with who? All I do is work, come home to clean, cook, and wash clothes. When would I even have time for an affair?  Where is Molly? Why isn't  she at school?" 

"She's not feeling well, and the fact is, I'm not either," Bill said. 

Annie opened the cupboard and took down a bottle of Absolut and a glass. She poured a couple of shots into the glass.

Bill sneered, "So, we're drinking our breakfast now, are we?"

"I have just spent eight hours at work," she said, "I got up at eleven last night, in case you forgot. Oh yeah, you were sleeping. This is my bedtime, or in this case, happy hour." She drained the glass, and poured another.

"Well, I got a phone call this morning from your lovers wife, telling me about your affair with her husband," he said.

Annie digested this bit of information. She knew that Carter's wife knew nothing about the two of them, so the call was more than likely from one of the other female security guards, and she knew which one. "Did this woman give you her name?"

"No," Bill admitted.

"I didn't think so," Annie said, putting her empty glass in the dishwasher. "There's a girl out there, her name is Jody, she wants my job so bad she can taste it. She has spread lies about me before, trying to get me fired, but that didn't work, so now she's calling you."

Bill blurted out, "How come you never ask me for sex anymore?"

Annie looked him up and down. In disgust she said, "I got tired of begging."  With that she went to check on her daughter. 

The End

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