Driving home after her shift, Annie began to wonder just what she was doing.  Surely her husband Bill, who when she met him had been a hard-partying frat boy, and had somehow turned into a number-crunching, penny-pinching accountant, would be able to figure out that she wasn't really working as many hours as she claimed when he saw her W-2 in a month or so.  She'd be caught in an obvious lie; and if there was one thing she hated, it was being caught.

They didn't love each other any more.  The proper thing to do would be to get a divorce.  But she had barely survived the scorched earth divorce her parents had participated in, and she had no desire to put Molly through that.  So what if she was having an affair?  It was better than the alternative, right?

Annie was distracted as she entered their driveway.  She didn't notice that Bill's car was in the garage, or that the lights in Molly's room were still on even though it was a school day and she should be gone by now.  Opening the kitchen door, she threw her keys in the dish on the counter, dropped her purse next to them, and began moving toward the bedroom to take a shower.

"Well, you do come straight home, then.  What, loverboy's only available before work?"  


The End

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