Chapter Twenty

My book was a huge success, and since then I have published a sequel and three books of a new series I have started. I’m still working at St David’s, but now it’s more of a hobby than a job, because I get a substantial amount from my book sales. Last week I signed a movie deal, and my book is going be on the big screen. I can’t believe how well my life has turned out, because I’ve always had the fear that nothing would come of me because I’d hurt my parents so much. But I’m starting to realise that it wasn’t my fault they were hurt by who I was. People can change their opinions, but you can’t change who you are inside.

 I have still not heard from either of my parents, although I did drive to their house and sit outside of it to see if they were still alright. My mother looks worn these days, and my father seems to be having trouble walking. I didn’t go in, but I know that they still love me, because I saw one of my presents, a painting, hanging in their front room. I know that, even though they will never see me again, they still love me, and I did not completely break their hearts. That little piece of knowledge lets me know I can die happy now, because I discovered that I still had the only thing I had ever wanted from my parents. I have their love.

Jen and Daniel Lythe got married, and are now expecting their first child. Jen tells me if her baby is a girl she’s going to call it Summer, and whatever the gender, I will be the child’s godmother. She is very happy, as is Daniel, and it warms my heart to see two people so in love.

Charlie passed all her exams and went on to university. On results day I met her on our jogging route where she thrust her result paper in to my hands and waited for me to see her two A’s and one B. That evening we took some food and went to a concert I’d booked for us. Being around her without boundaries was exhilarating, and I spent most of the evening just looking at her, savouring her eyes and her smile. She calls me every day from University, and this summer I’m taking her on holiday with me to America, where I have to go and oversee the filming of my book: A Girl’s Best Friend. To see Carrie, Sally, and all my other characters brought to life will be amazing, and I will get to stand there with Charlie and let her see that she could have this future too. She told me she intended to become a writer of novels and run my books off the shelves, although her ambition has changed since her first year away. Her passion now lies fully in writing scripts for both films and TV shows. I am very proud of her, and I’m sure that in the future she will be famous for her work.

When I look back on my life, I see that I have been blessed with so much good fortune, and I thank God every day. He gave me a future, he gave me friends, my parents’ love, and a girlfriend who tells me that I can do anything if I believe enough.

 “After all,” she says “I believed from the first day I met you that we would be together.”

Whenever she reminds me of those days when we tried so hard to fight our attraction for each other, it only makes me love her more, because I have found someone who was willing to wait for me, even though there was nothing stopping her from ruining my life and carrying on with hers. It never bothers me that I used to teach my girlfriend. In fact, it is the source of much hilarity and comment. With Charlie I have what before I thought was only achievable in books and films, which is why I have written a book about our story. I want my readers to know that nothing can stop love, and that it really is the most powerful force in the world. With love, you can do anything, and be yourself. I’ve found that, and I hope you do too.

Thank you for reading our story.

Summer & Charlie

Together, forever.

The End

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