Chapter Eighteen

The loud thump thump thump of the music was clear before we’d even reached the club in the next town. As I climbed out precariously from the taxi, Jen grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the front of the queue.

“Jen, we can’t push!”

“Hell yes we can. My new boyfriend is in there waiting for me, and I know the bouncer. I’m not waiting in that.” She pointed at the queue that stretched all the way down the side of the building. I shrugged and let her lead me past the bouncer and in to the club. The club had been done up since I’d last been in, and now the DJ had control of a lot of different coloured lights which were spinning round the room. Jen led me over to the bar, where Daniel was waiting. He gave Jen a kiss, kissed me on the cheek then ordered us drinks.

“Cheers, and congratulations to you Summer. I look forward to reading your book.”

“Thank you Daniel, that’s nice of you.”

We chinked glasses and I sipped at my drink while Daniel and Jen downed their shots.

“Alright, let’s dance!” Jen grabbed both Daniel and I and pulled us on to the dance floor.

After about seven dances, and four alcoholic drinks which Jen had persuaded me to have I decided it was time to sit down. I left the two of them to have a dance to themselves and went back to the bar.

“Another drink Miss?” The bar man grinned at me.

“I’ll have a coca cola now please.”

“No alcohol?”

“I definitely don’t need any more alcohol.” He laughed and got me a cola. I passed him some money and settled back to watch the dancing.

“Are you celebrating something Miss?” I turned back to face the barman.

“My book is getting published.”

“Very good. What is it about?”

“A woman who has a crush on her boss, then finds out she is in love with her best friend instead.”

“Sounds very good. I shall look out for it. What is your name?”

“Summer Gregory.”

“Maybe I get an autographed copy yes? If you come here again.”

“I will definitely sign one for you.” He grinned and began cleaning some glasses. I gulped down the last of my coke and decided a trip to the bathroom was necessary. I made my way across the floor and in to the bathroom. I stared critically at my face in the mirror, pausing to sweep my hair out of my face. I’d never really noticed what I looked like before. It was strange to see myself all dressed up, staring in to a mirror that could definitely use a clean, in a dingy little bathroom. I seemed oddly out of place. I decided to ignore this and began searching in my handbag for lipstick. There was a flushing sound and the cubicle behind me opened. I glanced up and froze.

The End

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