Chapter Seventeen

I sent my finished story off three months later. In the last few days of writing my mind had been on nothing else but finishing it, and I had been waiting impatiently for three weeks since for any news. When the publisher called to offer congratulations on the impending date for my books publication I was in school. Luckily, I had no lesson at that time, so when my mobile began to vibrate on the desk I could answer immediately.


“Summer! It’s Kelly, your publisher!”

“Hello Kelly, what did they think of the book?”

“Summer, I’ve performed my magic again, and they’re publishing it! They all loved it, and it’ll be on the shelves in two months.”

“Oh my goodness! That’s amazing!” I grinned; this was the best news I had heard in a long while, and my heart lifted as I realised that this book along with the children’s books I had been writing would probably allow me to put together enough money to retire early. Not that I didn’t love teaching, but I liked relating to the students, something which I was sure I could not do in later life.

“So you’re going to have to do a signing of course, but we’ll get that sorted once they hit the shelves.”

“Of course. Anything else to make my day even better?”

“Just that you’re getting the first cheque through the post very soon. Then once the books hit the shelves the money will automatically go in to your bank account.”

“This is incredible Kelly. I’m so happy, thank you!”

“No problem hon. I read the book; it was very good.”

“Thank you. Better go tell everyone! I’ll talk to you soon!”

“Bye Summer.” I could practically hear her grinning down the phone. I hung up and did a strange little dance on my chair, my lips pulled in to a victorious grin and my arms flailing. Then I leapt off my chair and ran out of the room and down the corridor, still grinning stupidly. I burst through the door of Jen’s classroom, much to the surprise of her year thirteen pupils.

“Miss Richards... I wonder if I could have a word with you outside.” I tried to compose myself, but nothing would stop the grin on my face. There were a few giggles from students as Jen, a look of bemusement on her face, came across the floor and out the door. As I closed the door I saw Charlie looking at me, amused and intrigued. I resolved to keep my promise about giving her a signed copy, and closed the door with a smile in her direction.

“Alright, what could have got you so excited that you burst through my door looking like a mad woman?”

“I got the deal Jen! My book is being published! I’m getting a cheque through the post soon, and I have to do a signing and I’m just so happy!” Jen threw her arms round me in a hug.

“Congratulations! I can’t believe it! Well, of course I can, you’re brilliant, but that’s amazing!”

“Thank you. Oh I’m so happy!”

“We’re going to celebrate tonight. We’re going to that new club in town.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Now go away, I have a class to teach. We’ll get a taxi from yours, because I intend to get you absolutely hammered.”

“You know I never have more than one drink.”

“Well tonight...”

“...No Jen. But I’ll come out and we’ll have fun. I won’t enjoy myself if I have more than one though.”

“Fine. Anyone you want to invite?”

“Well unless you want to invite your boyfriend...”

“Oh no, that wouldn’t be fair on you!”

“I don’t mind.”

“Really? Well ok. But you should find someone to go with.”

“There is no one Jen.” My mind wandered to Charlie and how much I would like to take her.

The End

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