Chapter Fifteen

“I can’t believe you did this to yourself Summer, it’s almost Christmas!” Jen was driving me home in her car, a concerned expression on her face.

“Yes, I clearly did it on purpose.”

“You know what I mean.” We pulled in to my driveway and Jen opened the door for me, handing me my crutches. I hopped to my door and opened it. “Sum, are you sure you won’t come and live with me until you get better?”

“No really, I’ll be fine. I’ve done all my Christmas shopping anyways. Just promise me I can still eat Christmas dinner at yours.”

“Sure. It’s me, you and all the other members of staff who are lonely this Christmas.” She changed the last few words in to the song and sang it in a very dramatic way. I almost dropped my crutch trying not to laugh. “Come on, let’s get you inside.”

I got very bored sitting around for the next few days. On the one hand it allowed me to write more of my story, but on the other hand I was restless not being able to exercise, or go out at all, and that put me off doing anything much at all. It was a relief when Christmas arrived and Jen with it.

“Come on slowpoke. Let’s get you to a party.”

“Thank God. I’ve been bored out of my mind over here.”

“I’ll bet. But there’s a lovely dinner waiting for you at mine, and several of our friends.”

We arrived at Jen’s house and she hurried out of the car, running back to her Christmas dinner. I got out and began hobbling to the door.

“Hey.” I turned round slowly, and saw Charlie standing just outside the garden, wearing her jogging outfit.

“Charlie” I breathed, then looked round to see if Jen could see her. She was too busy with her chicken, so I stepped a little closer to the fence. “I need to thank you. The doctor said it was you who found me, who called the ambulance.”

“Yeah.” Charlie looked uncomfortable and began playing with her jacket sleeve.

“Thank you for that.”

“No problem. Look, I know that I messed up. I shouldn’t have, well, I was way too friendly. I know that. I’m sorry for that.”

“It happens.” I said quietly. “I had a crush on one of my teachers when I was your age.”

“It’s not just a crush though Summer... oh I’m sorry, I’m doing it again. Look I’d better go. And don’t worry; I changed my jogging route so that you won’t see me. I’m keeping out of your way.”She was about to continue on her way when I realised I had to say one more thing.

“Charlie... if you hadn’t started jogging with me, you might not have found me. I don’t own that route. Jog where you like. I’m just not allowed to talk to you if I see you. Do you understand?” Charlie smiled slightly and nodded, before jogging across the road and away through the snow. I turned and hobbled in to the house, closing the door behind me.

The End

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