Chapter Fourteen

As I showered, I grinned at the thought of last night. Jen and Daniel, who is Mr Lythe, had got on really well, and he had asked her on a date. I was happy for her. She’d had a crush on him for a long time. This morning I was going for a jog, wrapped up in my joggers and jacket. It was later than I normally jogged but since it was the holidays it didn’t matter. I closed the door behind me, and went to my back fence. A running start and I was over. I felt my feet hit the floor, and I immediately knew something was wrong. My feet slipped on ice and I went smashing down on to the hard slippery surface. Pain shot through my entire left side, and a crack assured me something was broken. I heard myself scream in pain, and then I rolled slowly on to my back. First, I moved my hand. The pain there increased, but it wasn’t broken. I tried moving my ankle, and as the pain shot through I realised this was what had cracked. I felt something hot running down my cheek, and I thought it was tears, but then I realised that as I had gone over, my head had been hit. Blood was slowly trickling down my head. Then I let the tears flow. I couldn’t move, the pain was too much. I lay there, and for the first time in years, I found myself praying to God to save me, to send someone, anyone, down this path. I must have blacked out then, because the next thing I remember was someone shaking me gently, and my name being called.

“Summer, oh God, Summer! The ambulance is coming. Try to stay awake.” I tried to focus my vision, but all I could see were blurry images. Then there was a high pitched wailing noise, and blue lights flashed in to my vision. “Here, she’s down here!”

I woke in hospital, the too- white walls glaring at me. My tongue flicked on to my dry lips to moisten them, and then I blinked to re-adjust my vision.

“What is your name?”

“Huh?” My eyes flicked to the side. A doctor was stood to my left, looking down at me over his clipboard.

“Do you remember your name?”

“Yeah, it’s Summer, Summer Gregory.”

“Well done. And your age?”

“I’m twenty four.”

“Well Summer, you hit your head pretty bad, but there doesn’t seem to be any damage. Your ankle is broken, and your wrist is sprained, but apart from that, you’re fine.”

“Just apart from that? When can I go home Doc?”

“We’d like to keep you in for another hour to test you reactions, check that there is no lasting damage to your head, but then you are free to go home. Is there someone you can call to pick you up?”

“Yes, my friend Jen.”

“Alright, I shall get you a phone. By the way, your friend said to say she understands, and that she hopes you feel better and that you can forgive her.”

“Which friend?”

“The one who found you. I believe her name was... Malone? Ah yes, that’s it. Charlie Malone.”

The End

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