Chapter Thirteen

“What I can do is move her in to a different class and form, but I can’t stop her from talking to you in the corridors Summer. You’ll just have to avoid her. And I doubt I need to say this, but avoiding her outside of school is a must. No more jogging with her.”

“What do you suggest I do to stop that? I’m not going to stop jogging just because a student has a crush on me.”

“Then I suppose you’ll have to get a running machine, or take a different route.” I sighed, but I could see she was only doing this to help me.

“Alright, running machine it is.”

“Good. You’d better get to class, the bell is about to go.” As we left, I turned back and saw Kate with her head in her hands. This was a situation that all teachers dreaded, because there were so many legal complications surrounding the subject. I could not believe this was happening to me. My life is literally headed down the toilet.

Class without Charlie seemed strangely quiet, less vibrant, and empty of sideways glances. Kieran asked as we began the lesson where Charlie was, and I answered that she had changed classes.


“We had to change the timetable.”

“Why would that affect Charlie and not us Miss?”

“I don’t know Kieran. Now can we concentrate on our work? It’s the last week before the Christmas holidays people, let’s get everything done.”

Throughout the week, I hardly saw Charlie, although when I did she simply turned around or pretended not to notice me. I took this as a good sign. Maybe she was over me, or at least she had got the message and had decided not to bother me.

 At the end of the week, the teachers had a party planned, so lesson six on Friday I let all the kids go early, so that Jen and I could go back to her house and get ready. I begrudgingly let Jen put some makeup on me, and then slipped in to the dress she had forced me to buy in London. While she dressed, I thought about the trip to London, and how Charlie and I had talked and laughed in the book shop. I thought about the way my heart had beat a little faster as I realised it was her standing next to me with my book, and the way my heart had plummeted when I thought she was going to fall from the branch in the woods afterwards. I blinked and felt something wet on my cheeks. I was crying. I brushed the tears away before Jen could see, and put on some more powder. I’d been crying over Charlie. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I wasn’t supposed to like her; I was supposed to see her as a student, nothing more. And yet, there seemed to be a hole in my heart where she had once been. Not that I could argue with that. Nothing could happen between us, because she was my student. And that was the end of that, as much as it pained me.

The party consisted of a dance floor with dinner tables around it. It was in the local restaurant, a place that did rather well as it was the only suitable place to go out for an evening meal for several miles. The room we had hired out was also useful for school dances, so The Blue Jar did rather well from the school. When we arrived Jen made me wait while she checked our makeup before we went in. The only reason she was putting on such an effort was because one of the teachers, a Mr Lythe who taught chemistry, was going to be there, and according to her he was ‘hunky and perfect’. I rolled my eyes as she pushed up her chest before walking in to the room. She tries way too hard to get him to notice her.

The End

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