Chapter Ten

The journey back to school was, for the most part, uneventful. We did have a few cases of pupils feeling sick, but luckily there was no actual vomiting, so neither Jen nor I had to do any cleaning. When we arrived at the school gates clouds were beginning to form in the sky, a foreboding grey force that threatened a storm. We waited until all the students had gone, then hurried to our cars, anxious to not be caught in the rain. I waved to Jen as we left the school car park, then drove home, ready to sit down and continue my story. When I got in, I turned on my laptop, changed in to some jeans and flicked on to my book.

Kissing Sally was the most incredible experience Carrie had ever had. As she felt the soft brush of her lips, Carrie sighed in contentment. This was much better than kissing a guy. It felt right, and the tingling that still fluttered along her lips from the fireworks that had exploded as they began kissing was making her head spin. Sally pulled away, leaving Carrie with her eyes closed, lips parted, sad that it was over.

“I’m sorry.” Sally muttered.

“No. I mean... that was amazing.”

“Are you drunk? Carrie, I thought you were straight.”

“I guess not. But I thought you were.”

“Hell no! I haven’t been since I saw the girls changing after sport at school.”

“I was in that class.”

“I know.” Sally grinned at Carrie, making her blush. “Can I kiss you again?”

As an answer Carried leaned in and let her lips brush against Sally’s once more.

I ran my fingers through my hair and smiled. Finally the two of them were together. I glanced outside and saw that the rain had stopped, although the clouds were still rolling in the sky. I debated whether or not I should go for a walk. I decided I needed to freshen my mind so stood and stretched, then grabbed my jacket. Outside all the smells were enhanced from the rain storm, and I took a deep breath. I love being outside after it’s rained. Everything seems so new, so refreshed.

I decided I was going to walk along the footpath at the side of my house. After a few minutes I saw a hedgehog wandering across my path. I paused and watched him making his way through the grass, then continued to walk. Around half way down the path I stopped, ready to turn back, but a gap in the trees to my right caught my eye. Intrigued I stepped closer. I’d never seen this before, and having had good experiences when exploring before, I thought I might check out where the gap led to. It might lead to a hidden place that was similar to the little hollow I had found when I was little. I entered the gap and realised that it led in to the wood that was situated at the outskirts of the town. I felt twigs cracking under my feet as I stepped further in to the woods, admiring the greens and browns that were growing around me. Then my heart leapt in my chest as my silence was interrupted by a voice.

“Hey there.” My heart beating wildly I looked around, but could see no source of the voice. There was a laugh. “Up here.” I followed the sound of the voice in to a tree, and saw Charlie perched on one of its branches.

“Charlie! You almost gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry.” She grinned at me from her perch and I couldn’t help smiling back, although my heart was still pounding in my chest.

“Should you really be up there? You might hurt yourself.”

“No I won’t. I’m like a monkey.” She winked at me. I smiled.

“Yes, I know.” She looked confused. “You never shut up in class.” A grin pulled her lips up again and she beckoned to me.

“Climb up.”

“Oh no. I’m terrified of heights.”

“Come on, it’s not that high.”

“No seriously Charlie. I can barely go on escalators. I’m that scared.”

“Alright, I’ll come to you.” She hoisted herself on to the branch and began to walk along it. My heart was in my mouth. Please God don’t let her fall. Please. She looked at me, crouched down, and then dropped off the branch. I screamed, imagining Charlie plummeting to the floor, but when I looked through my fingers I saw her swinging from the branch, both hands clasped firmly around it. She grinned then dropped gracefully to the floor. I pushed her away as she came towards me grinning and tried to steady my heart.

“What the hell did you do that for? I thought... I thought you were falling.”

“I told you I’m like a monkey. I’m sorry for scaring you Summer.” She looked sincerely sorry as she moved towards me again.

“It’s alright.” I put my hand on my heart and felt it steadying. Charlie took my hand from my chest and touched my wrist. My skin tingled.

“Wow, I really did scare you didn’t I?”

“Not many things make me scream.” She grinned, biting her lip. “What? What are you grinning about?”

“I was wondering... never mind.”

“Charlie, tell me. Tell me or else I’ll give you a D in your next essay, no matter how good it is.” She laughed.

“I’ll tell you if... if you let me read your story.” I considered.

“Alright, you can read it. Now tell me.”

“Oh no. I have to read it first.” I groaned and shook my head, smiling.

“Alright. When are you next free in school?”

“I’m free now.” I sighed, the smile dropping from my face.

“I can’t invite you to my house Charlie.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re my student.”

“Yes? And outside of school I’m your jogging partner. So imagine, we’ve just been jogging and I cut myself on some glass near your house. Would you make me wait outside your house while you got a plaster?”

“I... This is different.”

“Come on, what’s the worst that can happen?” I bit my lip. I suppose teachers were allowed students in their house if they knew them outside of school. What harm could it do? There was a niggling doubt in the back of my mind but I brushed it away.

“Fine. But only while you read the story. And this is the last time. Barring any glass related incidents.” She grinned and waited for me to lead the way.

The End

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