Chapter Six

Carrie let the tears roll down her cheeks as Sally held her and murmured that it was going to be ok. If he hadn’t noticed her by now then he wasn’t worth it because he didn’t have taste. Carrie smiled as her best friend tried to cheer her up. She could depend on Sally, and trusted her with her life. They’d been friends since their first day at nursery when Carrie had offered to share her crayons with Sally. They’d even gone to the same university, and now they lived together. Carrie looked through her tear- stained eyes at Sally, who was stroking her hair and hugging her with one arm. Sometimes, she wished men could be like Sally, compassionate, caring, sexy... wait, sexy? Did she really think Sally was sexy? Carrie looked once again at the smile on Sally’s lips, and confirmed her thought. Yes, Sally was very sexy. Her dark eyes and her full lips made perfect fixtures on her tanned face, while her curves were much more attractive than the stick thin bodies that attracted most people. Carrie shook herself mentally. What was she thinking? This was her best friend. Why was she thinking like this?

I leaned back against my chair and grinned. Normally I wouldn’t write in school, but I had no work to do, and a free period, so I had decided to get on with my story. I re-read the last paragraph. After a little editing it would be just fine. The story was really coming along.

A little knock on the door made me look up from my laptop.

“Come in!” The door opened and Charlie came through the door.

“Miss, do you have a spare copy of Taming of the Shrew? I left mine at home and I’m trying to catch up.”

“Sure.” I got up and went to the cupboard. The books were on the top shelf and as I stretched up to get the book I heard Charlie moving at the front of the classroom. I turned round, book in hand and saw her looking intently at the laptop. “Excuse me Charlie, who gave you permission to look at my property?”

“Sorry Miss. It’s just, this is really good.”

I returned to my desk and sat down.

“You think? I’m trying to get it finished so I can send it off to my publisher friend.”

“Can I read the rest of it?”

I considered for a while.

“No, but if it gets published I’ll sign your copy, how about that?” She grinned and nodded. I handed her Taming of the Shrew and she thanked me. “Bring it back to me at the end of the day will you?”

“Of course Miss. Can I ask... who are Carrie and Sally?”

“Carrie is my main character and Sally is her best friend.”

“Yes, but did you base them on anyone in real life?”

“Yes I did actually. But that’s not something I’m going to go in to. Why do you want to know?”

“Well, I’ve been trying to write a book for a while, but I can never really keep it going. I just wondered whether it was better to base the characters on real life.”

“Sometimes. I’d love to read your story sometime if you’d let me.”

“Tell you what, when I get it published I’ll sign your copy for you.” She grinned at me and I couldn’t help smiling as I heard the words I had only just used.

“Alright smarty pants, get back to catching up. But the offer is still there if you want the opinion.”

“Thanks Summer.”

I coughed.

 “I mean Miss Gregory.”

I smiled as she left. Charlie really was a nice person. She was clever, funny and she never made conversation all about her. Sure she was a little talkative in the classroom but she always worked hard too. Our morning jog was turning in to a part of the day I really looked forward to, because she always made me laugh and smile. I knew that I really shouldn’t be this friendly with a student, but all the time I just thought that it wasn’t doing any harm, because it wasn’t like I was hanging out with her, partying or going places. We just jogged together and talked. It was harmless.

The End

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