Chapter Five

Jumping over the fence before I start on my jog has become part of the routine. Today I looked before I leapt. No sign of Charlie meant that I jumped over with no hesitation. I decided on a different route for my jog, in the hope that I wouldn't meet my new student.

After five minutes I heard the thumping of shoes behind me. Please don't be her. Please not her.

"Hey. New route?" Charlie levelled with me and I stopped jogging, a little breathless.

"Yeah. Look Charlie, I don't want to offend you but..."

"...But you think that because I'm your pupil we shouldn't jog together right?"


"What harm is it doing?" I considered this and realised I was being stupid. Anyway, the shock of her being a student had worn off, and as I looked at her I felt no embarrassment or tingle. And if I felt nothing, it wouldn't matter right?

"I guess none. But you still have to call me Miss Gregory alright?"


"Alright. Come on then." We started jogging again. "So how did you find your first day?"

"It was good actually. Gemma's nice."

"That's why I asked her to look after you. She's a good student as well."

“Thanks.” We jogged on in silence, until Charlie paused to take a swig from her bottle. “How long have you lived here?”

“Two years. I moved here when I started teaching at the school.”

“And you like it?”

“Yes, it’s grown on me.”

“In that case I’ll try and like it. But I still miss the city.”

“Get your dad to sign the papers and you’ll be going for a visit soon.”

“Already done. I’m so excited to see Romeo and Juliet in the Globe!”

“Good, I’m glad someone is excited. It should be a laugh.” We began jogging back towards my house, and I smiled as Charlie picked up the pace, encouraging me to quicken my own. It was nice to talk to someone while we jogged, and I had a feeling if it wasn’t for teacher/ student boundaries we would be great friends.

When we reached my house I said goodbye and jumped over the fence, running back up to get ready for school. I knew that tomorrow I wouldn’t mind meeting her again.

School past quickly, and I went home with some spelling tests to mark and a new idea for my book. David started seeing a new girl, and Carrie was heartbrokenly pouring her heart out to Sally, her best friend. I smiled at the laptop. This was good. I pondered my next step as I wandered around eating pasta and salmon listening to Cee Lo Green. I hoped the story would continue to go this well, or else I was going to be stuck again.

The End

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