Chapter Four

Jen met me at Riverside cafe just as we had arranged.

“So, how was your first day?”I asked after we had ordered drinks and food.

“It wasn’t that bad to be honest. Paul Tyner was a bit of a nuisance but then we can’t hope for miracles there can we?”

“I suppose not.” I looked over the river and sighed.

“Alright, what’s up?”

“Nothing.” I saw the look on her face and laughed in an attempt to convince her. “Seriously, nothing is wrong. I’m just a little zoned after the first day back. On the plus side, it looks like our Romeo and Juliet trip is quite popular, at least in my class.”

“That’s good. If only my class would be so enthusiastic.”

“Just give them time and mention the shopping trip. That’s what spun it for my group. Well for most of them.”


“Kieran was happy to go as soon as I said that I was going.”

“Ah Kieran. He does cheer me up with all his flirting. Although I must admit he does seem to like you more than the rest of us. You might have to watch yourself there. You know what young boys with hormones are like.”

“He’s only a joker. He doesn’t mean it.”

“I hope for your sake that’s true.” I thought of Charlie and how she looked at me. Maybe I was in danger from another student. “Summer? Summer, you’ve gone again.”

“Sorry. I told you, I’m zoning.” Luckily our food came and we spent the next few minutes tucking in to the best tuna pasta bakes I’ve ever had. After our meal we parted, and I returned home to attempt some more of my book.

Two hours later I gave up, turning off my laptop and throwing down my notes. Carrie and David weren’t meant to be, I was sure of that now, but I didn’t know who else to bring in. I rubbed my eyes in an attempt to shove away the tiredness, and decided that enough was enough. It was time for bed.

My last thought before I dozed off was about who Carrie could love. There were only three more main characters; her best friend Sally with whom she shared a flat, George who worked for David as his personal assistant, and her aging father in a nursing home. Somehow I couldn’t see Carrie with George, who was too uptight for her fun loving ways, but Sally...

The End

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