Chapter Three

English is a subject I have always loved, ever since I was a little girl. I have always read a lot, but when I got up to secondary school, my teachers inspired me to write as well. Creative writing essays turned in to long poems and stories written on my laptop, spread on writing websites and then praised in university as being promising novels. I had aspirations to be a novelist, but I knew that I couldn’t just rely on other people whilst I wrote my books, and so decided that teaching English was the next best thing. Every day I watch people change, hear new ideas and interpretations, and even pick up some inspiration for books on the way. My newest novel about Carrie, the secretary who falls in love with her boss was not going well. David was perfect for Carrie in every way, but somehow the two never seemed to fit perfectly. I’d been struggling with the storyline since day one. As I pondered the story and kept an eye out for any students who felt like talking during their test, my mind slipped back to Charlie. This morning when I had first met her I had been perfectly happy to meet her again, but since discovering she was a student I was less eager. If it had been any normal student I wouldn’t have minded, but Charlie Malone wasn’t normal. She was gorgeous. For anyone else to be thinking this would be ok, but as a teacher I knew it was wrong to even look at a student that way. So I must put it aside, and hope that we don’t meet on a morning jog again. I checked the clock to drag me back to reality.

“Alright class, your time is up. If you could bring your papers to me you can leave a little early.” Grins appeared on each face in the room, and papers were speedily passed down to my desk. “Thank you, you may go.” Chatter filled the classroom as the students left. Jen poked her head in as she passed by.

“Hey, fancy grabbing a bite to eat after school today?”

“Sure. Riverside cafe?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you there.”

“See you.”Jen disappeared down the corridor, calling out the name of one of our more rebellious students Paul Tyner.

My last class of the day were starting to queue outside. This was the class I had been dreading all day, since Charlie Malone was in it, and I was unprepared to deal with any jibes about sports bras. I sighed and went to the door.

“Alright you lot, come in before you fill up the corridor.” The class filed in, and Gemma appeared round the door frame with Charlie in tow.

“Nice to see you again Miss.” Charlie said, smiling before she followed Gemma to a seat. I rolled my eyes. Alright then, here we go. Cool, fun teacher who doesn’t mind having a laugh as long as they get on with work. Let’s go.

“Alright everyone, welcome back. Please take out your poetry anthologies and turn to Shakespeare. Miss Malone, I have a book here for you.” Charlie got out of her seat and came to the front to receive the book. Her hand brushed against mine as she took it and she smiled at me. I forced away the tingle in my hand and smiled back before taking a seat on the table at the front. “Shakespeare is probably the most looked at writer in English classes, so I’m going to try and make it more interesting for you. We’re going on a trip with the other English group in a few weeks to the Globe Theatre in London, to have a look round and see a special performance of Romeo and Juliet. And yes girls, we will have time for a little shopping beforehand.”

Everyone started talking, and I allowed the excitement to build a little before I put up my hand to silence them. There was a hushing sound before silence once again filled the classroom. I handed out letters to each student.

“Get your parents to sign these and pay the twenty one pounds required. We will be leaving the school at nine in the morning and should return at around eight. Now, on to some Shakespeare poetry.”

The class worked hard, and as a reward I let them have a five minute break before the second of the double lesson began. During the break I chatted to Kieran in our usual jokey manner about the trip.

“So we have to sit through Romeo and Juliet? That is so boring Miss, I can think of loads more stuff I’d rather be doing... with you.” He grinned and winked at me.

“Kieran, I wonder sometimes how you manage to get girlfriends if you’re flirting with me all the time.”

“I’m saving myself till I get out of school for you Miss.”

“You know, you’re not my type.”

“I can be. What do you want Miss? More muscle? I’ll change my hair.” He laughed as other people around him laughed. Charlie Malone was one of them. I grinned and thought of what Kieran would have to do to be my type. I’m not sure he’d be quite so eager if he knew he’d have to have operations.

“You stay as you are Kieran, and someone will love you. At least, I think they will.” Everyone laughed at Kieran and he pouted. “Right then everyone, let’s get back to work.” As I went and stood at the front of the class again, I saw Charlie smiling at me, as though she knew exactly what my type was.

The End

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