Alana McKayMature

LOCATION: London, England
NAME: Alana McKay
TIME & DATE: 10:09am, May 19, 20xx

I can't believe this! I'm born here and I feel like a foreigner. I have an accent, too. Alana thought to herself.

"Welcome, Miss. McKay!" A lady greeted as Alana walked by smiling. "Your classes today are in room 1020B today." She added quickly.

Why can't I just stay a little longer and keep a conversation? Miss Sandler is so sweet. Alana thought, beating herself up inside. I'm so stupid.

"Miss McKay, would you like to be our Spanish teacher's assistant?" A young man asked her as they walked. "Well for fourth period that is. What do you think?"

"I'll think about it..." Alana said so quiet and turned the corner.

"Okay, I hope you can help us." He said and turned around walking back. "Love your accent!" he yelled.

That's a bit racist. Just because I moved from Spain. Alana thought. When well this accent disappear? Even in Spain, I had an accent. She opened a door of 1020B and walked in.

"Welcome, nice of you to join us Miss. McKay." An elderly man said smiling sweetly.

"Yes, it is. Sorry I'm late, sir." Alana said taking a seat in the front near the door. "What did I miss? Mr. McCobbin" five other students sat in the class.

"We were waiting for you, my lovely." A young man said smiling with a French accent.

"Who does this hooligan think he is? Blonde hair and blue eyes and everything." A girl with a heavy Italian accent said in disgust. "I like my man to be like Mickal."

"Micheal is Australian, just with brunette hair and browns eyes." Another girl said with a Japanese accent. "By the way where's Brandon? My Dushmin."

"Dutch man, Akira. Dutch man" Mr. McCobbin said.

Alana took out her phone and quickly typed in: This school is so stupid, I didn't sign up for this class. My teacher is so sweet though. All he does is correct or words, he doesn't teach us how to say sentences properly. He doesn't care about manners. He says I don't need this class, I tried changing my class for another more important class, but the principle won't allow it.

"Alana, you can go to Mrs. Bridget's class. She needs help with her students." Mr McCobbin said holding out a a slip of paper.

"Mr. MacCabban. Can I help out Mr Earl's class?" Akira asked holding her hand out.

"Why not? All of you can help out the second language classes." Mr McCobbin said. "I'd love to retire a month early."

Guess what guys! I won't have to take this class anymore! McCobbin is pulling some strings to get everyone in other language spoken classes for the rest of the school year.

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The End

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