June SpringsMature

Random short stories that come up on my mind. So yeah... the title of this is gonna be changing every now and then. The page titles well sort of stay the same the majority of the time too. Thought I'd let you guys know. Also, these are ones that just come up, so they're just rough drafts.

LOCATION: Eito University, Tokyo, Japan.
PERSON: Asahina Masahiro (last name - first name)
TIME & DATE: 4:38pm, April 10, 20xx

This university isn't that bad. It's just one student that attends here, she's from America. She started attending here in January. She practically slept in classes in the beginning, jet leg. She can barely speak Japanese, barely talks at all actually. - Masahiro

"Hey, Masa-kun!" A girl yelled out when she walked into the small cafe. Dodging chairs and tables as she ran to his table. "Masa-kun, guess what I've heard?" She said as she sat down. I looked at her to continue. "The American girl was spotted at Diamond City yesterday." She said as she took out a muffin from her bag. "Kind of unusual to see her outside of school, lots of people are surprised by it." She fluttered her eyes as she took a bite of her muffin. "Unusual, don't you think, Masa-kun?"

"I guess. Hey Chihiro, do have the notes from yesterdays lecture?" Masahiro said as he leaned back in his seat. Chihiro dug around in her bag and pulled out some crippled up paper and handed it to him. "You aren't like other girls..." he added to himself.

"Hey Masa-kun, you're the only one that says my name. Why do you say it?" Chihiro said, taking out a bottle of water from her bag.

A short girl walked into the cafe. "Oh there's she is, what's her name again? I keep forgetting her name. The American." Chihiro said as she sort jumped around in her seat. As she walked by them.

"Don't be rude, Chihiro." Masakiro said as he tried to cover Chihiro's mouth. "You're being to loud."

"She doesn't speak Japanese, she's always quiet. I wonder how it is to be born in America." Chihiro said dreaming as she looked at the girl sit down. The girl took out a laptop and turned it on. One of the employees that works in the cafe walked over to her. The girl smiled and said something, but so quiet the waiter had to put his ear near her. He smiled and typed in something her laptop. "Could that be why she was at the mall yesterday?" Chihiro said as she looked at the waiter left. A few minutes later the waiter came back with a cup of juice and sweets.

"I do have to say it is unusual to see her outside of school." Masahiro said as he took his phone. "Might take a picture and sell it to her groupies."

"Masa-kun, I didn't know you'd do that. Why would do that?" Chihiro asked. "That is just low."

"I need money, how else would I get it when I just got fired from work." He said as he took a picture of her on her laptop. "Oh, she's getting out headphones too." Takes a picture her setting up her headphones on her laptop. "I doubt nobody has got her working on a laptop in a cafe before. This'll get me at least two weeks worth of instant foods."

"Why do I keep forgetting you're always like this?" Chihiro said as she put her head down on the table.

Masahiro was watching the girl through his camera and noticed her reaction she got from her laptop. The girl quickly took out her headphones and you can hear the loud music from them. Slammed her laptop shut and stuffed it in her bag quickly. She grabbed the rest of her sweets from her plate and drank the rest of her juice as she got up and put the cup down and ran out the door. 

"What was that all about?" Chihiro said as she looked up and around.

"I don't know." Masahiro said "Whatever it is, I'm getting a months or two months worth of groceries now." as he smiled. Starving for a month or two and now I'm happy I'm using this new raw photos idea. I can see why Aoki wants to be a paparazzi. It's so easy. Masahiro thought. Which reminds me, I gotta chase after her. He got up and ran out after her. Chihiro heard him and got up too and followed.

They ended up in front the girls dorm. "You sure you heard them say she was running this way?" Masahiro said as they stood outside the doors.

"Of course, my ears don't lie to me." Chihiro said, "What other American girl would they be talking about?"

"Hey, guess what Asami. June is getting ready to go out. I heard from her roommate, Ai, that she was changing and putting on make up as she left the room." A girl said with her group. "What? No way." Another said as they passed the two on the stairs.

They walked inside and they stopped in their steps. A short little girl in a lolita dress, and black make up on, skipped passed them. They turned around in surprise to find out it was her. "She's a goth and she's skipping happily outside." Chihiro said as she looked her go out the door.

"I wonder how much I'll get for this with her fans." Masahiro said as he took a picture of her from behind. They went outside too and heard a song play loudly. "Hello?" she said as she answered her phone.

"She spoke. She said something." Chihiro said as she hide behind a dome. The girl started speaking in English excitedly and started running to the bus stop nearby. Masahiro still taking pictures of her.

"I don't think we've seen her smile before." Chihiro said as she paced herself. "Haven't we Masa-kun?"

They stopped nearby the bus at the end of the line up. June stood closer to the front. "How I've never seen a goth American before." Chihiro said quietly. June walked up to them.

"I'm Canadian." She said to them. The bus came up and someone ran off the bus yelling "JUNE!" and give her big hug from behind. His hair is long, but not as long as June's. She spoke in English and was smiling huge. Masahiro looked his pictures and had one photo left before his memory was full.

The school newspaper headline the next day: 'June Springs' and a photo of her and her boyfriend smiling and the spring light shining from the trees above.

'Did you hear?', 'June's a goth', 'She has a boyfriend', 'He's a goth too', 'Who took this photo?', 'Anonymous', 'This can't be true', 'She's from Canada', 'He killed fifty guys', 'He's a hunter', 'She's knows how-'.

The End.

The End

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