Chapter 17Mature

I am clumsy. Just in case you didn't notice. I almost fell off my f-ing balcony. It was now Friday. Heather dragged me, Mickey, and Jordan to the mall. Mickey and Jordan hit the food court as Heather and I raided Abercrombie. After I got come clothes, a pair or black skinny jeans, a long navy blue vest cardigan, and a long-sleeved white t-shirt, we headed out.

"Food court? Mickey and Jordan are probably stuffing their faces with Taco Bell. And I'm starving," I said to Heather.

She looked nervous as the fiddled with her bag. She swayed.

"Um, nah. I was hoping we could go to Victoria's Secret. Not Pink."

"Sure. You need some new bras?"

"Yeah, and some other things. Um... don't take this the wrong way, but are you still virgin?"

I raised my eyebrows, snapping my strawberry watermelon gum.

"Yeah" I finally said.

She raised her eyebrows.

"I swear. The closest thing that me and Mickey did was..."

I stopped. I would not tell anyone about the moments we had come so close.

"Why? You and Jordan aren't gonna...?"

She smiled guiltily.

"Eeew, gross. Please, spare me the details."


She grabbed my arm and pulled me.

"I know the way."

"Do you?" she asked grinning.

"Yes, I shop for my bras there."


"Shut up! It's completely normal for a 17-year old girl to know the way to Victoria's Secret!"

I said that too loud. A couple of boys snickered at me.

"Oh, shut up! Like you guys would date girl who didn't know the way!" I yelled.

"True that," said one of the guys.

I smiled and Heather and I walked to the freakin' Victoria's Secret, situated next to Godiva Chocolate. After getting some things, we bumped into a bitch. A bitch named Amber.

"Virgins," she said snickering, "so lame."

"Sluts," I said raising my eyebrows, "so predictable."

I motioned toward the store. She grunted.

"Bitch," she murmured.

And I just laughed, walking with Heather to the Food Court, knowing to find Mickey and Jordan there. There they were, sitting, Taco Bell wrappers scattered across two tables

"I see you guys ate," Heather said, dropping her bags on the floor.

"Victoria's Secret, babe?" asked Jordan, peering into Heather's bags.

She giggled, leaning over the table to kiss him.

"Excuse me, I really hate PDA," I said, kicking Jordan's leg.

"Ow, what the hell?"

I raised my eyebrows.

"Whatever," he said, sitting back down, "anyway, Heather, you still coming over tonight?"

She blushed and nodded.

"You guys aren't_" Mickey started to ask.

Jordan nodded.

"Crap, well, have fun?" he said, questionably.

"Hell, yeah, we will!"

"Someone's enthusiastic," I said.

After talking for a while, we headed back to Heather's car. My house was the first stop.

"You comin' over?" I asked, glancing at Mickey.

He nodded.

"Oooooo... sex... even before us... you got_"

"Shut up, Jordan. We are not having sex... understand?" I asked.

He nodded. Mickey came out of the car with me.

"Have fun?" I said.

"Oh, we will!"

I rolled my eyes as they drove off.

"Go through the balcony, if that's okay with you..." I said.

He nodded, smiling, running to my backyard.

I opened the front door, finding Jared and Amber, sitting on the couch, watching some movie. I raised my eyebrows.

"We're on a date," said Amber in a snobby tone.

Her Victoria's Secret bags were on the couch, the clothes falling out of them. She kissed him. I stormed upstairs, opening the balcony doors, throwing my coat on the bed, my bags on the floor. I unzipped my jeans and slipped out of my jeans.

"You ok?" Mickey asked, glancing at me, head to toe, a warm tingle on my body.

I nodded. A dead silence. And then I walked toward him, his hand pulling my body toward him, his lips on mine, moving intensly with mine. I slipped his shirt off, tossing it on the floor.

"Not now," he said, pulling back.

He sighed, throwing himself on the bed, his bare chest distracting me just a bit. I pulled some clothes on, sitting next to him, my kness pressed to my chest, my chin resting on them. He pulled his shirt on, kissing my neck then, wrapping his arms around me. I put in a movie.

"We have to have a plan," I said, "when... are we gonna?"

"I don't know... you tell me."

"I don't know... the day before we go to college?"


Pain showed in his eyes. I leaned into him, my head on his chest, my knees on his ribs. And we watched the movie.

The End

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