Chapter 16Mature

"I should take her," said Mickey, "she's my girlfriend. My best friend since kindergarten."

"Yeah, but you broke her heart many times. She's now my friend and I'm staying at her house!"

Mickey winces. They both look at me. Mickey with his black, side-swept hair that had a perfect amount of messy in it. His silvery-gray eyes staring right at me. Jared with his dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and smiling faced. The nurse looked at me.

"I'm gonna call my mom," I finally said walking out of the room.

I fiercly dialed the numbers so hard that the phone felt as if it was about to break. Mickey came out of the room as I headed out of the building through the nearest exit.

"Wait!" he called, running toward me.


"Why did you..."

"You two could be a major pains. Anyway, what happened between you and Amber?"

The anger in my voice showed. I suddenly rememberd why I fainted along with having no food. He looked down at his feet. I knew it wasn't his fault and I kissed him on the cheek. I handed him my car keys.

"Take it home, please," I said.

My mom came in and honked as I climbed into her Volvo. We head home. She dropped me off and headed to the drug store and mall. I was alone. At 4:30, Jared pulls in with my car, and Grace comes running out with her pom-poms. That reminded me that I had a volley ball game on Sunday. I run up to my room with a carton of vannilla icing that was left over from Mickey's cake. I jumped when I saw Mickey on my bed, canvas in hand, an amused expression on his face.

"How did you get here?" I asked, scooping up a small amount of icing with my finger.

"The balcony door was open. Anyway, you paint pictures of me?" he asked showing me the canvas.

I blushed, closing the door, and sitting on the bed.

"Occasionally," I finally said.

He smiles.

"It's really good."

Realizing my finger still had icing on it, he takes it and licks it off. The feeling of his tongue on my skin made me blush. The butterflies fluttered into my stomach. He bit it softly, and then I scoop up more icing and put in my mouth. He looks at me, smiling.

"What?" I asked.

He shrugged, kissing me intensly.

"Icing on you mouth," he whispered.

Then he pushed me onto the pillows, the icing carton falling to the floor, and he unzips my hoodie, revealing my white tank top with conviniently shows some of my black bra. I allow him to take my hoodie off. A devious smile formed on our lips as I pull him toward me by the collar of his shirt. I shrug out of my black sweatpants, noticing that I have my lacy black underwear on. Awkward day to wear it. I could feel his eyes stare down at my bare thighs and legs.

I swiftly unbutton his shirt, I slip it off his shoulders. It falls to his elbows, his sleeves rolled up. I take in his lean sculpted body, and stop suddenly from doing anything else.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

He looked down at me with concern.

"Nothing," I said sitting up.

He sat back, pulling his shirt back over his shoulders.

"Whenever you're ready," said Mickey.

He started to button his shirt up.

"Stop!" I said suddenly.

As soon as I said that, he smiled. I could feel my face getting red. I pushed my sweatpants onto the floor, placing a pillow on my lap.

"Yesterday we both agreed that we would wait. And we will. But what's realy bothering me is... well... are you feeling insecure? Because of Jared? He's just a 'so-called' friend."

I had completely forgotten about kissing him on the cheek. But then again, Mickey kissed me on the cheek when he was dating Amber. But then we fell in love. No. I refused to believe there was anything like that going on.

"No, it's nothing like that. But just looking at you just..."

I cut him off. Eeeew. I really hoped he wasn't gonna say B-O-N-E-R or 'turns me on' or something like that.

"Oh, you know what I mean. Don't get the wrong idea. I love you. But, yeah, let's keep that promise. Until we're both ready."

"Good," I said kissing him, "I'm doing just fine being a virgin."

Even if I had a couple of boyfriends before Mickey, like Justin Hart, Derek Green, Oliver Davids, Ryan Gomez, we had broken up with each other before we could make "the next move". Someone knocked on my door.

"Who is it?" I asked, as Mickey kissed my neck.


"Shit," I whispered, grabbing my sweatpants and hoodie. I put them on. Mickey walked out to the balcony. I opened my door, hesitantly allowing Jared in.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, sliding his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

"I'm fine," I said, shrugging.

He just stood there, looking around the room, as if to find Mickey.

"You have a balcony?" he finally asked.

I nodded, hoping he we would just leave. But of course, he he heads toward the doors Mickey was sitting.

"Can't I see the view?" he asked, pushing the door open, even if I was blocking it. Shit.

"And what are you doing here?" asked Jared.

"Dude, she's my girlfriend. What the hell are you doing here?"

"Um, I live here. Sort of."

I rolled my eyes, leaning against the railing. The railing was about only about 3 feet tall, and I could fall back easily. The balcony was about 15 feet off the ground, on a hill. Mickey could  jump high enough to grab hold of the bottom railing and pull himself up. Me, on the other hand, was skinny and only 5'6 tall. And I could still somehow break my leg if I fell back.

I leaned back so far, that I fell back. I grabbed hold of the bottom raliing. I was about 10 feet above the ground. I was afraid to let go.

"Mel! Hold on!" shouted Jared, failing to grab my hand.

"What do think I'm doing? Dancing?" I said harshly.

Mickey had already jumped off the balcony so easily, as if 15 feet was nothing. I felt like I was just a piece of shit.

"Mel," he said, "let go."

His red and white flannel shirt from American Eagle was open, the wind making it flap back. His lean, light tan, body. My heart leaped.

"No! Like that's gonna do anything! I weigh like 105 pounds and I'm way higher than you. If I let go, I'll break you and me," I said nervously.

I looked down at him, his eyebrows lifitng.

"Do it!" he said.

I closed my eyes.

"Oh boy," I squeaked as my grip opened.

I fell into Mickey's arms.

"Open your eyes, Mel," he said, a smile in his voice.

I opened one eye.

"I'm alive?"

He nodded. I hopped out of his arms and kissed him over and over again. I looked back at Jared, who was grinning.

"Thanks for helping!" I shouted.

Mickey boosted me back up on the balcony.

"Out," I said, pointing to Jared.

Mickey grinned.

"You too," I said.

Jared walked out. Mickey placed a hand on my neck, his palm warm, and kissed me. And he jumped off the balcony and ran to his car.

The End

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