Chapter 10Mature

Grace was standing there in the doorway, while Mickey had gone out on the balcony.

"Amber has a boyfriend, right?" 

I was shocked by the abruptness of her question, but I nodded my head.


"Adam. She has a baby girl with him."

"Well," she said fiddling with her fingers nervously, ""I went to the drug store to see her kissing Jared."

What? I shurgged not knowing what to say.

"And I think it's weird."

"Well, I don't. Amber's pretty, and she's major slut."

"I kind of figured."

"Then why do you think it's weird?"

"Don't tell anyone, but Jared likes you."

Overwhelmed by her answer, my cheeks blushing, my heart suddenly pounding, my hands sweaty, a pit forming in my stomach. What? No. I loved Mickey. Duh. I shook my head.

"No. I doubt that."

Grace shrugged and walked away.

Jared did not like me. I did not like Jared.

The End

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