Chapter 9Mature

Dinner tonight... cream of mushroom pasta. My favorite. I smiled once I had finished, taking in the sweet smell every five seconds. It was only 5:00 and we would have dinner at 7. Well, at least Jared, Grace, and I. Our parents were out shopping. But I prepared it early, so I could have free time. It was a Thursday, and tomorrow was Mickey's birthday, February 27. He was exactly 2 months and 1 day older than me.

It had been exactly 1 month since Summer's family moved in. They came here January 26th. Amber's baby was born January 23.

Mickey was out shopping for himself... he bought most of his presents. He would come later. Jared and Grace were downstairs finishing up their homework. I had finished my homework earlier.

Last Sunday, I had gone to the mall and got an American Eagle shirt for guys, size medium. And I decided I would make a cake for him. I called Mickey to see when he was coming. He said he would come at night, through my balcony window. So I could just make the batter and then bake it tomorrow so I could bring it to his house. Not a big one, just one that me, him, Jordan, and Heather could share. Jared had a date, and Grace was going over a friend's house.

I made some batter and put in the fridge. I would bake the cake tomorrow. I called Jared and Grace up for dinner. Our parents would eat the rest whenever they got back. It was exactly 6:59. They came up, smiling.

"Do you guys like mushroom pasta?"

I hoped they would say yes, because I totally forgot that they were here. I would've asked them, otherwise. I just asked my mom who made sure with their parents.

They nodded grabbing a plate from the cabinet. Grace gave one to me. I filled their plate with the pasta and then I filled my own plate. We sat on the dining table, except usually I would sit on the island in the kitchen. I hated sitting in chairs. I don't know how I survived in school. But I did. I smiled to myself.

Jared and Grace were quiet, as usual.

"So," I said trying to make a conversation, "you like it?"

They nodded. To think of it, I barely ever heard them talk. Jared noticed my expression.

"It's really good," he said smiling.

"Yeah," said Grace in her sweet high voice.

"Did you guys finish your homework?"

They nodded. This was hopeless. I ate a silent dinner.

"Desert?" I asked. I usually didn't eat desert. But I really felt like having chocolate. I usually munched on fruit and dip, but I really had a craving for chocolate. They shook there heads and said thanks for the food and went back downstairs. I took a candy bar from the pantry and sat on the island with a magazine. I sighed.

It was now 9 and our parents came back.

"Mmmm," my mom said taking a bite of the pasta. She had put some on a plate to taste it.

I walked upstairs. Right when I entered, someone knocked on the door. Mickey. I opened it and let him in. It was exactly 9:30.

"Hey," I said. He grabbed me and kissed me.

"What was that for?" I asked, just a little dazed.

"I... um..." he stuttered.

"Mickey," I said, "blurt it out."

"Tomorrow's my birthday, my eighteenth, I should say... um..."

"Um... what?"

Why was he stuttering?

"I think... I mean... if... you...wanna..."

"Sex?" I blurted out. What was I saying? I know I'm not that kind of teenager. The normal ones to have sex every single night of the week. But it just came out of my mouth. What was I saying? Am I crazy? Was I ready to have sex? What did I just do?

Mickey raised his eyebrows. He smiled.

"Wait," I said, "I blurted that out. I do not want to lose my virginity now."

"Okay," he said, "I wasn't planning on it. Sex is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad."

He whispered in my ear seductively.

"Stop," I said smiling. Mickey scooped me up in his arms.

"What were you gonna say to me?"

"Oh," he said scrunching his eyebrows, trying to remember, "I was wondering if you would come over tomorrow and you know..."

"Mickey," I said still in his arms, "it really seems like you wanna have sex. The answer to that is no. The closest thing to a physical relationship I wanna have right now is a make-out session. Eew... I sound really geeky. Who calls it a make-out session?"

I realized I was talking more to myself than him. Make-out session? Tongue to tongue. Skin to skin. Winter. Warm. Blah... what am I trying to do? But I realized it wouldn't be bad. I was in love with Mickey. Mickey was staring at me.

"Okay," I said jumping out of his arms, "making out... or... nothing."

He moved his eyebrows up and down. I smiled, pushing him gently.

"I wasn't asking for sex. I was thinking of it. Not asking for it. Making-out... fine. But we just do it you know. No plans... it just happens. So, just come over tomorrow and hang out, Mel. I'm not trying to make this awkward or anything."

"Mickey, I didn't mean it like that. I mean I'm totally in love with you, but I'm not ready to have sex. I mean I wish I was ready because that would e sweet. But my gut's telling me_"

Mickey stopped me with a kiss.

"I know. Now, will you just calm down?"

I nodded. He took me in his arms and kissed me. We fell onto the bed and our feet were touching. My hand was on his chest. His heart beat was pounding against my hand.

"Wow," I said. I was somehow fascinated by his heart beat. Am I going crazy?

"Mickey, are you nervous around me?"

"No. Why are you asking that?"

"Just wondering."

He kissed me again. This time it felt different. Something really clicked. It had clicked on June 15, last year. But for some reason, this time it was a real click. A real one. But then I realized someone was knocking on the door.

The End

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