Chapter 8Mature

I had gone to school in the morning with Mickey and at 8:00 at night they came. Summer and Bruno would come later as well as Sam and Nick.

There was a dude, Summer's brother who was my age. The sister was in 11th grade. The mom and dad were sweet, maybe too sweet. Our basement had everything ready. The brother and sister would sleep on one side. And my dad had a guest room done a while ago, with a door. That was where the mom and dad would sleep. I learned that the boy's name was Jared and the girl's name was Grace. She ran downstairs with her bags. Our parents went in the kitchen for something to eat.

This left Jared and I alone. I felt nervous. He smiled at me and then went downstairs with his bags. I looked at him. Oh, God. He was attractive. Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. But then I realized that a lot of people have that combination. I didn't like him, or I refused to like him. I loved Mickey. With his tousled black hair with side-swept bangs. And gray eyes. My favorite. His silvery gray eyes.

I sighed and I walked upstairs. I looked in the mirror. I was wearing my favorite t-shirt. It was white with a leprechaun eating pasta. I was Irish and Italian. 50/50. My mom was pure Italian, my dad pure Irish. I got most of my looks from him. I smiled. I took of my shirt and put on my tank top. I threw the tank top in my hamper and well as my jeans. I put on my pajama pants. I sat on my bed and studied a little bit. And at 11:00 I went to sleep. Tomorrow was Wednesday. I had to take Jared and Grace to school. It was weird. Jared woud graduate this year. Why couldn't he come when he was done with school. And what about college?

I was really confused and tired. So I just went to sleep.

The End

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