Chapter 7Mature

We went skiing all morning. We went inside to get some lunch. There was buffet with tons of food. There was some young guy, a year or so older than me, who worked at the lodge staring at me. Mickey was behind me in the line, Heather and Jordan in front of me. The guy came up to me.

"Do you need anything?"

I raised my eyebrows.

"No thanks..."

Mickey glared at him.

"Are you sure?"

I nodded moving forward in line. He stayed in place.

"Tell me if you need anything."

The guy started to walk away and Mickey tripped him. The guy looked at him angrily and Mickey shrugged and middle-fingered him. He stomped away.

I smiled at him. We sat down at a table, our plates full of sausage, cheese, bread, fruit, french fries, and pizza bits. We ate heartily since we barely ate anything in the morning.

After that, we skied/snowboarded till 4:30. We went back to our room and packed everything. Then we headed for the car, packed everything and drove back to NJ. I dropped Mickey off last and drove home. My mom opened the door, a crazed look in her eyes.

"Mel," she said, "Bruno's getting married."

"I know that."

"This summer. He said either adopt the baby or get married sooner. And... well... yeah. He hasn't even graduated and he inviting all his friends. And he already booked everything. And he's coming home, early. Sam and Nick will come later."

My mom was freaking out. Why? Because she was going to be a mother-in-law. Her naturally brown hair had some gray in it.

"Mom," I said showing her a strand of hair.

"Oh, shit! Shit! Shit! Mother of God... my Lord."

Why was freaking out so much? Summer still hadn't come yet. and she could just dye her hair.

I went to go find my dad while my mom ran to her room and got some color. My dad was calm, watching T.V. in the living room.

"Why is mom frekaing out?"

"Well, her son is getting married in months, not a year. And, Summer's family, as in her mom, dad, sister, and brother are coming... tomorrow."


"Why are they coming here? And we still have months. What the hell?"

"Well, they are gonna stay here because the wedding is here. They are gonna stay here for now, because they are planning to move here since their daughter will be here. And they are coming now, so they can help plan stuff and find a house for themselves."

"What about Bruno and Summer's apartment in Oklahoma?"

"Well, they will buy a home when they actually move here. But for now, when they come, they are just gonna be on vacation."

Why was everyone coming here? Why couldn't we all go to Oklahoma? Oh well, more excitement for me.

The End

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